Should the baby bring a present?

This is an age old debate.
I mean, how would a baby bring a present?  Where would it come from??  Will the toddler even understand?
Unfortunately the toddler has managed to get it in his head that “Baby bring big Buzz Lightyear” and to be fair to him, I get a push present, Daddy gets a push present, the baby gets lots of new stuff, why shouldn’t he get a “Big Brother” present?

Daddy’s push present, cufflinks with a map of where each baby boy was born

So the terror did get a big brother present.  As I wasn’t expecting to go into hospital to be induced we hadn’t actually got around to buying the present.  Luckily the toddler, in all his excitement of having a baby brother, forgot that “Baby bring me big Buzz Lightyear” which gave us a chance to sneak it home ready for baby boys arrival.

And do you know the first thing that the toddler did on receiving Buzz?

Tried to give him to Baby Boy to play with.

That’s my big generous boy.

True sibling love there.  Long may it last.


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