Month Two as a Family of Four

You can read what we got up to last month here.

So we are two months into being a family of four and Baby Boy is starting to wake up a little even if he isn’t on any form of routine as of yet.

This was our first month of “real life” where the husband was back at work, the nursery run continued and I was in sole charge of these two small dependent humans for the working week.

This was also the month that saw my husband travel abroad with work for the first time ever, for a whole week,  to (in the words of the toddler) “frozen beak”* can you guess where that is?

And the month where Baby Boy got sick. So a fairly busy month.

Baby Boy Update

So as I said he got sick, our poor little man got bronchiolitis and so we have been on a nebulizer for 10 days.  Luckily it’s not been too bad a case and we’ve been able to look after him at home but being confined to the house where it’s too hot to even let the Toddler run round in the garden has definitely been challenging…. but more on the Toddler later.

Edward Mth 2

We are still breastfeeding (and yes I still have #ginormous nipples) and we are going from strength to strength my littlest man is no longer so little.  He has pretty much doubled his birth weight and is starting to strain at the seams of his 0-3 clothes. He is also about ready to bust out of his Moses basket but I’m keeping him in there until we head back to the UK, with him being sick I’m not ready for him to go in his own room. Ok I’m not ready to have to leave my bed to feed him and settle him when I can just pull him into bed with me.

We’ve also had smiles!  Cue me running round attempting to capture on film but I am yet to manage it!

Edward Smiles

No smiles but still cute

The Toddler Terror Update

We have some jealousy sneaking in and some hitting.  Generally when I’m busy doing something so we have been taking a few trips to the naughty corner though he is not alone as Woody and Buzz Lightyear have also been naughty and must stay in the corner until they say sorry.  What for I never did find out.

Naughty Corner

Other than that he still loves his baby brother, who according to his wonderful nursery teacher, is his best friend.  Nursery finishes next week and he will be leaving for good as we move him to a new one closer to home starting September. *sob*

William Mth 2

His speaking has come on so much and we have wonderful conversations now, he has truly become a little person.  Some of our conversations this month have included:

Mummy, can I rough it please, please.
Translation; Mummy can I grate the cheese please

I can’t reach Grandma
When waving at a plane in the sky

Daddy gone to Frozen Beak
Translation; Daddy has gone to Mozambique

Where has the big water gone?
When the bath water goes down the plug

I go on a big aeroplane to England, you go on a little aeroplane
To one of his friends. Who completely agreed she was going on a plane to England.  Well.  Wales.

I making a picnic
With an empty hair gel tub, the shampoo, a lip balm and an empty sudocrem tub.  In the potty.  It seems after all his potty training signs earlier this year he is still no closer.  But the potty is a good picnic carrier.

As well as a very cute song called “Good Morning” that can only be sung standing on a suitcase…

Good Morning to Mummy
Good Morning to Daddy
Good Morning to Baby Boy
Good Morning to Me

And repeat until it gets irritating and you put the suitcase away.

After surviving our first soft play birthday party we’ve also deduced that he still needs a nap after he fell asleep for the night at 545 talking to Grandad on Skype then proceeding to wake every hour screaming for Daddy until midnight.

He also seems to have gotten away without catching Bronchiolitis and is just full of the AC snot.  I’m hoping some time back in the fresh air in the UK will do us all some good.

The Husband and I

Still running on little sleep.  I am writing this at 2:54am and there are gentle snores coming from next to me after the husband has just gotten back to sleep from nebulising Baby Boy.  Which is added fun at night time, those things are noisy!  And I’m feeding that’s why I’m still awake I am not a blogging super machine. Far from it

Us mth 2
Having been just us with no visitors we are now finding just how different life is having two children instead of one.  THERE IS NO DOWNTIME!  And there is a lot more wine involved.

Still, we are hoping that next month will be the month where we sit and eat a meal together, from start to finish, without one of them crying.

We can always hope right?!

Little Hearts, Big Love


  1. June 22, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    Sounds like you’re doing really well only two months into being a mum of two! Hope baby boy is better soon and meanwhile your toddler can keep you amused with all his talking! My toddler is currently unconvinced about potty training too – he will sit on the potty but ONLY while wearing a nappy! x #ftmob

    • Laura
      June 22, 2015 / 10:10 pm

      I love that Maddy! At least he is sat on the potty and not trying to eat a picnic from it!x

  2. June 24, 2015 / 1:32 pm

    Love your update on being a family of four – those early weeks are very challenging and you will eat a meal again without one of your children crying – it may not happen next month (although fingers crossed for you that it will) but it will happen eventually! So sorry to hear that Baby Boy has had bronchiolitis and hope that he is better soon. Love “frozen beak” for Mozambique and the toddler’s singing on the suitcase – how adorable. I’m sure the potty makes a very good picnic carrier although possibly will be less good once it starts being used for its intended purpose…! Thanks for sharing with #ftmob and I love your new blog design too! 🙂

    • Laura
      June 24, 2015 / 2:19 pm

      Thanks Louise, hopefully we have turned a poorly baby corner! Frozen beak I think is my all new time favourite saying! Thanks with the blog desgin, I finally took the plunge!

  3. June 25, 2015 / 3:02 am

    It sounds like you’re doing really well, but I do hope that Baby Boy is feeling better soon. Love the toddler chat, it’s such a fun and creative stage isn’t it 🙂 It took a while to persuade our little girl to use the potty, but have to admit she never used it as a picnic basket! Frozen beak made me smile, as did can I rough it please 🙂 #ftmob

    • Laura
      June 26, 2015 / 10:00 am

      Thank you! He’s so much better now. I think potty training may be a while away, not sure he’d want to use the potty to per in now it’s his picnic basket x

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