August Bucket List

A bit late this month, but better late than never! We became a little bit boob obsessed for World Breastfeeding Week it would seem. Still even though boobs reigned supreme on the blog, and to be honest they are still reigning fairly supreme in Baby Boy’s eyes, it’s time to do my monthly goals and look at what I achieved last month.

July Bucket List Review

1. Catch up on all my blogmin and get ahead of the game

Not quite ahead of the game, much chasing of the tail going on really. I’ve stopped taking my phone to night feeds as I found it was waking me up so I was getting less sleep than the average person with a waking baby.

I really must buy a planner….

2. Continue with the holiday plans

We had a BALL! We were so busy the whole time we were back with my mum. Cbeebies, Twycross Zoo, National Sea Life Centre, Thomas Land, Strawberry Picking, messy play, National Forest Adventure Farm. We were so busy we need a holiday to recover.

Monkeying Around

3. Introduce Baby Boy to my whole extended family and friends

Baby Boy is fully introduced, everyone has met my little chunk muffin with the experience to be repeated for my brothers wedding next month. Wheeee!

4. Have a reunion with my repatriated best Dubai friend Twenty First Century Mama

Best Friends
Best Friends

We got to see both Lora and Miss S (and young Mr L). To watch the Toddler and Miss S meet each other again was adorable, cuddles, kisses, hand holding.

Mummy this is my best friend. I go home with Lora

Too adorable. We got chance to catch up in a few days out as well as a chilled out relax at my mums where the kids ran round in circles in the garden.

5. Travel to London to see The Gruffalo

Tick! Loved it and met Baby Shrimpy our best friends new little boy and will-be-bestie to Baby Boy with only 5 weeks between them. The show was fabulous and I really enjoyed showing the Toddler the West End. Very nostalgic being back in London where the Toddler was born.

6. Hit 2000 Twitter Followers, get some more of my posts ready for HuffPost and keep on growing!


Yaaaay! 2,000 PLUS Twitter followers! And I’ve had a few more articles published in the HuffPost (I’m up to 7!).

7. Fly back to Dubai on my own with the boys

I made it back. And continued to survive the next few days on limited sleep as most of the flight was spent like this.

Look Mummy Look
Look Mummy Look

8. When we are back finally move Baby Boy out of the Moses Basket into his room

Sob. Done.

All in all a fairly ticked off list this month!

August Bucket List

1. After helping to organise the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt I am taking a BREAK! I am going to just write and link up with linkys and avoid Rafflecopter for a while.

2. Get my nails done. Specifically my toes for our holidays.

3. Go on holiday, switch off and relax. Spend time with my 3 boys away from the hustle of real life.

Daddy Time.  Photo Credit;
Daddy Time. Photo Credit; Sophia Mattia Photography

And that’s it! August is holiday time and I intend to take a break and relax.

And take lots and lots of photos.



  1. August 9, 2015 / 8:38 pm

    Hello! Dropping by to say hello from weekend blog hop. We love The Gruffalo!! It’s a hoot. And congrats on Twitter + Huffpost! 😀

  2. August 16, 2015 / 11:20 am

    You certainly did a lot when you were over here!!
    Hope you enjoy your holidays xx

    • Laura
      August 16, 2015 / 11:31 am

      I definitely deserve a break now! Did you enjoy the farm?xx

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