Month Nine as a Family of Four

The months are speeding by and we are hurtling towards the Baby’s first birthday.  After last months update being pretty much on time even with the excitement of Christmas looming this months is definitely late as we’ve spent most of January on holiday, out in the Caribbean. I know tough life we have right?

The Big One

I say this every month without fail but he is just getting so big. Each day I look at him and I am astounded at this little person I created, that we continue to mould, standing in front of me. He has become even more of a little parrot in the past month, which means even more watching what we say and monitoring what’s on the TV. The latest saying is “by the kings crown I’ve got it” and that delightful gem comes from Mike the Knight.

Being on holiday has meant that we have had lots of family time, which he has adored. He was so upset on our first day home when Daddy went back to work. We also spent a lot of time in the water, either the swimming pool, Jacuzzi or sea. He isn’t confident in the water and hated having his face wet but we got the chance to take him on a dolphin encounter while we were in the Dominican Republic. He was apprehensive (and crying) at first, but when he found out that Luna the dolphin was 3 like him there was no stopping him. He stroked her, cuddled her, gave her a kiss. And when we got back on board pretended to be a dolphin with his face in the water.

From that there was no stopping him, he adored the beach and took a liking to the waves.

Splashing in St Maarten

Which also meant head under the water!

However we have been having some problems with WALKING. He only wants to walk for a little bit – generally where he can run away – but then get’s so lazy he demands a carry or the pram, and he is heavy. Carting a 15kg three year old around is not doing my back and shoulders any good. Any tips gratefully received, especially for the husband who has done his shoulder in.

We have reached the delightful age of repetition, and more repetition, and yet more repetition. It’s hard at times to keep my patience and I’m not always great at doing it. I have to keep reminding myself that he is only 3 and curious about the world. Still, he is yet to discover WHY and for that I am thankful (for now).


Mummy, what you doing?


Mummy, what you doing?

Still driving

Mummy, what you doing?

Still driving…

You get the picture.

Baby Boy

9 months in my tummy, and now 9 months in the world. Every day he is learning something new, exploring a new nook, realising that he can move around, getting a little bit bigger and a little bit more independent every single day that passes.

He’s worked out he can crawl a fair distance, and is my little shadow if I leave the room at any point. Separation anxiety has hit and he follows me demanding that his presence is acknowledged. On top of that, his 6 teeth have been put to good use by BITING, your feet are often a target if he wants you to notice him. He can bite so hard he leaves bruises, my left shoulder was covered in little teeth marks which made for terrible photos on the cruise.

Speaking of the cruise, as his brother discovered the love of the sea, we found that the Baby loved sand. I never realised quite how much babies liked to eat sand, until I spent most of my time on the beach fishing sand out of the babies mouth.

baby on the beach

Taking a 9 month old halfway across the world, may have seemed a little bit crazy at the time, but it was definitely worth it.  Even when he had his moments on the flights.  Not only did we make a wealth of memories across a variety of luscious Caribbean islands, we were also able to spend some real quality time as a family of four.

jamaica beach baby

He is inching ever closer to the dreaded walking, getting up on his hands and knees in his sleep when he is a belly crawling baby. Little hands reaching and grasping (and missing) anything he can reach to try and pull up. Next update I fully expect to have a 10 month old who is busy pulling up and maybe even cruising around. Yikes. I am not ready for this!


I mentioned last month that I hadn’t managed to get a good photo of the boys together, I still haven’t. But Nikka from The Studio managed to capture the most beautiful pictures of the boys.

Each month I am going to make it my mission to capture the boys together.

studio dubai

The Husband and I

It was my birthday on the 17th, which we celebrated out in the middle of the sea. A very relaxed day, starting on the right foot when Manchester United won the football. I took the time to go and get my haircut at the spa, my annual hair cut! It meant that my hair was perfect for when we went out that night for my birthday.

birthday drinks

We spent the evening in Sindhu, with the Big One headed to dinner with Grandma and the little one resisting all efforts to be put to sleep in night nursery so also heading to dinner with Grandma in the pram. We sat. We talked. We ate delicious Indian fusion food. And I mean DELICIOUS.

sindhu azura
Delicious Food at Sindhu

Shortly after finishing, we collected the (now) sleeping baby from my Mum while the husband ran him up to night nursery I sat and enjoyed a birthday wine with my mum. Then we hit the casino. Where my birthday luck ran out, but still, I am lucky in love and life so I can’t complain.

We also had an afternoon off from the boys to visit the no children allowed pool for a spot of sunbathing.


It was lovely to be able to reconnect, relax and get away from some of the stress of everyday life.  But we had to come back to the stress, however that is a story for another day.

See you next month!


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  1. February 2, 2016 / 12:58 am

    We took ours cruising and traveling form a young age too, and our boys just love new adventures I totally agree start early and create happy family memories, beautiful photos the boys are so cute x

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