Reviewed: Education Quizzes Entering the School Years

My biggest boy starts school in September.  Big school.  With a uniform.  And school shoes.  It feels as though I’ve blinked and missed the time between him being born and waving him off to the gates at school.

School!  My Baby!  Yikes.

Both myself and my husband are academic by nature, and I often sit and wonder whether our boys will take after us or not.  Whether they will find enjoyment in meticulously completing homework, a thirst for learning something new, a heady rush in coming top.

Or whether they will need extra support, coaxing, coaching through school.  Whether they will hate their school days with a passion.  Who knows – that is one thing that time will tell.  For our part, as parents, we want to encourage learning in as fun a way as possible from the get go.

School, at the beginning, is all about learning through play.  Play based learning.  Using things that stimulate and excite children to teach them fundamentals.  Maths.  English.  Science.  So why not apply this principle once children graduate up to Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, 3, GCSE, A Level, University.  It has been said that we learn more when we enjoy what we are doing, when we are engaged and when we have support.  Which was why I was delighted to discover Education Quizzes which supports learning for all ages from 5 through to 17.  With fun quizzes designed by teachers to bring the fun back to learning.

education quizzes review

With a wide variety of subjects covered from Geography to History, Maths to English, Spelling and Times Tables.  It is a resource that can be adapted and played with to help parents help their children.  Including technology, which we all know kids love, questions that are age appropriate and suitably pushing.

Written by teachers for pupils the care and dedication apparent in each quiz.

education quizzes review

With a fun fact given after each question, each answer given.  Further expanding on the knowledge that you are learning.  Even when you get the answer wrong….

education quizzes review

And shhhh my husband would laugh if he knew I got Geography wrong.

With someone about to start school this is an ideal tool to use alongside, as a fun fact to play together.  Obviously my pair can’t read but with me reading the questions I found that it prompted further questions…. what’s China?  Where is it?  Do you get there on an aeroplane?  How do aeroplanes fly?  When do we go on an aeroplane again?  What’s a flag?  From one question about the Chinese flag allowing for a world of exploration to be opened up.

A subscription fee of £7.50 is payable monthly, but can be cancelled anytime.  I found it to be a good jumping point for talking about things that we may not be talking about otherwise.  A great resource for allowing us to learn through play and discussion.

Oh, and despite having a Masters in Chemistry it would appear I am fairly rusty getting 4 out of 10 in the GCSE Chemistry tests………..



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