Dear Santa, what I really want this Christmas is…

Dear Santa,

So I saw this kid wrote to you and I figured, hey, I’ve been a good baby this year, if you overlook the time I tried to ride the cat, or pulled my brothers hair, or kept Mummy awake all night for no reason other than I could, so I think I deserve to be on the nice list this year.

And nice lists mean presents, right?!  With that said here is my list of demands requests and suggestions as to what would make this 19, nearly 20, month old very happy this Christmas Day.

The baubles on the tree to be brought down to MY height

I mean, they started off there, why have they been moved up the tree?  They’re pretty and sparkly.  And perfect at throwing for the cat to play fetch.

Christmas Bauble

The cat’s food

Or litter tray to play with exclusively.

Anything my brother has

Because, you know, that makes me want it even more.  I especially covet those planes and cars he likes so much.

The half eaten apple I discarded last week

I think it rolled behind the sofa and I want it even more now it’s covered in fluff and who knows what else.  I want it. That EXACT apple.  A new apple will NOT do.

Mummy’s phone

Failing that Daddy’s will do.  Please do not try and fob me off with one of those fake ones.  They are not real.  They are not what I am after.  And don’t tell me I might break it because Mummy did a fine job of that herself.


Tubs of Vaseline

Or sudocrem.  Or shampoo.  Or anything I can open and smear.  It’s a sensory experience ok?  That means it’s educational and I’m learning.  Don’t worry about the mess.

Failing that, anything Peppa works….

Because you know, snort.  Gotta love the pig….

I know you can do this Santa.  Don’t let me down.

Lots of love,

The Baby

x x x

You Baby Me Mummy


  1. December 5, 2016 / 9:03 am

    Oh dear, I think I’d prefer my children to have the things they’re not supposed to have rather than that irritating pig! I hope Santa gets it right 😉

  2. December 9, 2016 / 10:04 am

    Hhaha the furry apple – yup. Let’s hope Santa doesn’t bring you the right to this stuff! How’s the weather in Dubai? Fascinated to hear about Mum life out there x #TheList

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