How to create a beautiful bedroom for your kids

Being a child is a really special time – and how much of it did we spend in our rooms!? Whether we were playing with our siblings or enjoying some much-needed quiet time, our bedrooms were pretty important places when we were growing up.

And nothing much has changed today; your child’s bedroom is still a safe haven and central place in their little world. Looking back, our bedrooms were pretty simple spaces but today the possibilities are endless!

Here we’ll look at a few ways in which you can make your child’s bedroom really special and something they can look back on with fond memories – that’s if they ever decide to move out! 

Add a touch of magic everywhere

We all believed in fairies and magic at some point in our lives – so why not let the idea live on a little longer? You can purchase a wide range of skirting board stickers and accessories in the style of fairy doors and entrances. It’s a great way to ignite your child’s imagination, and brighten up those cheap and durable skirtings.

Don’t forget about the floor!

We must forget the foundations when it comes to the kid’s room: the floor has so much potential as an artful canvas as any other element or space within. Today, it’s not just about the materials you use your flooring, but the range of patterns and designs available. Wall tattoos and wallpaper designs can look great, but why not consider doing the same for the floors too?

Wallpaper and wall tattoos

Working with your walls is another great way to create a sense of fun and beauty in the kid’s room. If you’re working with relatively plain, basic walls, you might do well to brighten them up with a great selection of wallpaper or wall tattoos.

These days, there are so many fabulous wallpaper designs for both kids and adults alike.  Your child could be instantly transported into a jungle or an outer space scene the moment the door closes behind them – the possibilities are endless and the only limit is their imagination!

Don’t forget about the lighting: artificial and natural!

When it comes to any room in the house, a great choice of lighting, from the source to the placement and the design of the fittings, is a crucial element that ought to be considered. So too, when it comes to the kid’s room, lighting can really make all the difference between a basic room, and one that really drives home a ‘wow’ factor.

So forget about those lamp shades adorned with your child’s current favourite cartoon character – create a sprawling array of lights that look like fairies or place funky shaped lights around your child’s bed – remember: lights don’t have to be boring!  

While a thoughtful array and placement of artificial light can work wonders in the kid’s room, having a great amount of natural light can make all the difference too. Fun and excitement work hand in hand with brightness and illumination, and light that a room receives from natural sources is a fabulous way to induce this. 

Top tips on creating a beautiful kids bedroom


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