Five top tips for making bath time fun

It’s true that when it comes to bath time, your child’s reaction is always 50/50. Some children can’t wait to get in and enjoy the fun, others seem to turn into cats at the sight of water and will do anything to get away from it!

This can be pretty time consuming; trying to coax your child into the bath while you’ve got dinner cooking and other children to watch – it makes everything so much more difficult. So here you’ll find a few ideas that will hopefully make bath time run a little smoother for everyone!

Make the bathroom inviting!

Is your bathroom is old and dated? Or maybe your suite has seen better days? If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to invest in a new one. Nothing will entice your child into the tub more if it’s brand spanking new and they get to use it first!

Whether it’s a new waterfall tap, (ensuring the temperature is not dangerous and you never leave your child unattended) a funky new shower-head or a new shower screen that they can write their name in bubbles on – you’ll find lots of new bathroom ideas here.  The possibilities are endless!

Bring in the toys!

Keep to hand a selection of toys that are just to be used in the bathtub. If they’re not always accessible then it makes them more special! These don’t even have to be expensive, often the cheaper and more basic toys are the best!

Foam letters and rubber duckies are an obvious choice! Why not try some water pistols for silly water fun, or if your child would prefer a more relaxing bath time experience then invest in some waterproof picture books.

Good company

If your little one isn’t into all the toys then don’t sweat it. Sometimes, it’s just good company that makes it fun! Sing, tell a story, or talk about your day with your child. They may learn to look forward to alone time with you during bath time. This is ideal if you have other children, because this will make bath time a special experience for just the two of you, with no interruptions.

making bath time fun

Make the bathroom a safe-zone

You may find that the root of your child’s discomfort at bath time is because they don’t feel safe. Your kid will also enjoy taking a bath if they know that they are safe. Line the tub with a non-stick mat that they can stand on. This way you can shower them with a sprayer while they hold onto the wall. This is recommended if your toddler is resistant to sitting in the tub and it’s less stressful for everyone.

Keep it short

As a rule, keep bath time to around 10-15 minutes. Longer baths can result in dry skin too. Also, you don’t need to give your child a full bath every single day. Try rinsing them off with pure water or just a little bit of soap every other day or so.

What are your top tips?

Five top tips on making bath time FUN

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