Turn your dream into a reality: How to make working from home possible

Have you ever dreamed of working from home? No more extortionate nursery fees, or desperately trying to catch up on the housework. Or maybe you’re already a stay at home mum but dream of starting your own little empire? Working from home and running your own business gives you an amazing sense of self worth and confidence, but for so many it’s just a pipe dream.

But did you know that there are literally hundreds of home business start-up ideas you could consider? Take a look at this list and see if anything floats your boat! Remember, this is just a small fraction of what you could possibly achieve! So, dig out those pens and pads, dust of your desk chair, treat yourself to a new desk from danetti.com and go to work! Your dreaming ends here!

Bed & breakfast

Have you got a spare room that’s going to waste? If you’re the parent of older children who’ve all grown up, then perhaps you and your partner could capitalise on that and run your very own bed and breakfast? If you live near somewhere of interest or a tourist attraction, then you could be really successful! You’re going to need planning, as well as health and safety approvals remember! 

Yas Island Rotana

Cake Making & decorating

Do you have the perfect combination of a sweet tooth and artistic flair? Cake making, and decorating has become a hugely popular vocation choice, thanks to TV shows such as The Great British Bake Off and social media platforms allowing everyone to see beautiful work. If you have a natural flair for baking, then why not look into it? You could brush up your skills by heading to YouTube or go a step further and take a baking or cake decorating class.

Be a salesperson

If you already have a big social media presence or are prepared to really work on your social media reach, then sales of things like cosmetics, candles, second hand goods, children’s books, even adult themed items could be an easy success for you! Sales are mostly generated through networking and hosting product parties at people’s homes – if you’re outgoing then this could really work for you.

Cleaning services

This is something you can do independently, or if you wanted to gain a little experience first then you could join a franchise or a local house cleaning team. If you live near a holiday park, see what their current cleaning arrangements are and see if they need an extra hand? It’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

Pet minding & walking

Do you love animals? Many people prefer not to house their pets at a kennels or cattery when they go away but hire someone to pop in and feed/walk their pet. Some people who work long hours also benefit from this service too. So, if this is something you think you’d excel at – then go for it! It’ll get you out of the house too and burning lots of calories!

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