Meal Plan: Our top five meals this week

Last week I shared a snapshot of what we had eaten throughout the week, hopefully it was inspiring for some.  This week meal planning mayhem has continued in earnest.

My husband put in a request for more meat, and I have obliged, this week has seen some of our favourite meals come out to play.  And all of them seem to be of the stodge variety, just what you need as it’s gearing up to summer here in Doha.  I mean, my car read 39C this week, who wouldn’t want to come home to shepherds pie in that weather?!

All that said, it’s been a fairly delicious week once more with an increase in veggies across us all and even a few meals where we all ate THE SAME THING together AT THE SAME TIME. A miracle in itself. Because, there’s no denying it. Meat is delicious

What’s been on the menu?

I’ve taken pictures of our top dishes this week, over incredulous looks from my husband as I snap away.  Whilst they aren’t quite pinterest worthy they give a good idea of what we have been filling our bellies with.

Lamb and Lentil Shepherds Pie

I struggle to get my children to eat meat.  I mean, of course they eat it in nugget or sausage variety, but actual meat?  Not so much.  It’s at the point where I have started giving them protein filled foods such as lentils and nuts which they are more likely to eat.

My friends, knowing this dilemma, often let me know what they’ve had to eat from a more veggie perspective.  When I received an excited message about this lamb and lentil pie I knew I had to try it.

Served with half sweet potato, half white potato mash and topped with cheese this was DEVOURED.  By everyone.

meal plan lamb and lentil pie

Chicken Quesadilla and Salad

All time favourite meal.

And easy to customise to everyone’s specific tastes.  The boys had just cheese, the husband had just chicken and cheese, and mine were filled with chicken, cheese, veggies and black beans.


meal plan quaesdilla

Soy Salmon with roasted veggies and rice

The day I discovered that my three year old is the world’s biggest fish lover.  He devoured half of my salmon and demanded his own.  The problem was that I hadn’t made him any, serving instead fishfingers, because last time he didn’t want to eat “that pink fish”.

Baked in the oven in a mix of honey, lemon and soy and served alongside (slightly too crisp) air fried veggies.

meal plan salmon

Lamb Sausage and Halloumi Bake

Sausages.  Win.

Halloumi.  Win.

Veggies.  Win.

Thank you Pinterest for this delicious recipe.  OK so I subbed out onions and added in sweet potato and spinach for a more rounded meal.  Plus chucked a load of passata in there to make it more of a stew.

But yum.  Those sausages were melt in your mouth and I defy anyone not to like halloumi.

lamb sausage and halloumi bake meal plan

Nut and Apricot Pilaf

My sister in law arrived with us for a holiday so I needed something I could chuck in the slow cooker for us to eat, that would still be palatable in case she was hungry when she came in.

A bit of a risk but one which seems to have paid off.

meal plan apricot and nut pilaf

Meal Plan: Our top five meals this week


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