Modernising Your Home: 3 Simple Steps

Creating your dream home isn’t easy. It’s likely that you’ll be require to do a bit of DIY and provide a little TLC in the beginning. If you prefer modern interiors, it can be difficult to keep up with the trends. Gradually modernising takes time, but it’s worthwhile to achieve the style you want in your home. However, a complete overhaul of your home’s interior design can be daunting. If you’re on a budget, and are working with limited free time (as so many of us are!), you might need a hand in knowing where to begin. Here’s three simple steps to modernising your home’s décor.

Create a flow from the outside in

Opening your home up to natural elements is incredibly effective in creating a modern feel. Incorporating nature into your home’s décor can be a simple and cost-effective process. Start by adding a selection of house plants. If you don’t fancy the idea of having to maintain plants constantly, succulents require less taking care of. With that being said, they’re still a great way of adding extra splashes of colour and brightness to your home.

Speaking of brightness, making the most of natural light can make a big difference in how modern your home looks. Natural light that cascades across the room also makes it feel warmer and more welcoming. By having natural light in your home, it feels more ‘at one’ with the outdoors. Keep blinds and curtains open during the day, and remove anything that might be blocking the light coming through.

Obtrusive pieces of furniture are usually to blame for this, so find a new place for anything that’s big and blocking natural light. It does wonders for an outdated interior.

De-clutter for a minimal look

This is easier said than done, especially in busy family homes, but it can make such a huge difference if you cut the clutter out of your home. Starting with the more communal areas, take some time to ensure everything has its place. For a clean, modern look, minimalism is key at the moment. The more knick-knacks you have laying around can make spaces feel smaller.

If you’re struggling to re-locate old things in your home, it’s worth considering whether they can be thrown away or donated to a local charity shop. Once the de-cluttering is done, you’ll be making the most of your space and your home will feel much airier. Then, you can begin work on making sure surfaces are clean and shining. If you’ve managed to bring more natural light into your home, then clean furniture and floors help to make the most of the added brightness.

Ditch old carpets

Drag your home out of the dark ages, and get rid of the dirty old carpets that have sat collecting dirt for years on end. You can always replace it with a new carpet, which is a common choice is you’d like a room to feel cosy and warm.

If you’re happy to ditch the carpet altogether, then laminate flooring is a very viable option that won’t break the bank. Laminate is becoming trendy because of the massive style variations that are on the market. If your budget allows, you might prefer to go with solid wood, but laminate is a cheaper alternative without losing out on quality. Laminate often comes with a scratch-proof surface, and it has added durability that’s perfect for high-traffic areas. Grey wood flooring is a trend that’s gaining more and more popularity. It helps with the clean look that many modern homes strive for.

What tips for modernising a home have you got?

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