The Ritz Carlton Doha serves up a perfect Friday in Qatar

My son still talks about room 1007.  Sounds a little bit ominous doesn’t it?  But no, that in fact was our room number when we took a staycation that blew our mind at the Ritz Carlton back in October.

At five years old he remembers the room number and the chess set from the lounge.  The swimming pool and the brunch.  The cookies that were set out for us.  More than that, he asks to go back on a regular basis.  And that to me is the sign of a wonderful hotel and a perfect staycation filled with magical memories.

And what magical memories.

I left our Ritz Carlton story having snuck back into the room after a wonderful date night out with my husband, bidding goodbye to our nanny, we went to bed to prepare for the next day, as it was going to be a big one.

Fridays mean brunch

I mean, Friday can mean but one thing.  BRUNCH.  And Fridays at the Ritz Carlton are no exception with their famed Farmer’s Brunch.

But brunch wasn’t happening until 12:30 so what on earth could we do to entertain the children until then?!  Luckily for me whenever we stay in a hotel the boys seem to forgo their usual 5am wake up call, maybe it’s the black out curtains, maybe it’s the fact we’re all in the same room, whatever it is I’ll take the parent lie in until 7am.  Whilst I lay in deep slumber with the boys, my crazy husband decided he would squeeze in a little bit of exercise.  I know.  The man doesn’t rest.

Booking the indoor tennis court for 7am he slipped out of the room to meet his tennis partner at 6:30am, yet another wonderful reason to stay close to home as I cannot hit a tennis ball for toffee.

Whilst I revelled in the luxury of sleeping past the rooster crowing and gently being awoken by my children.  Lazily getting ready as the battle commenced on the tennis court.

Meeting at the lifts ready to take on breakfast in the Club Lounge.

Ritz Carlton Doha Ritz Carlton Doha Ritz Carlton Doha

Filled up on delicious fruit, freshly made omelettes and a lot of coffee it was time to head back to the room.

No, not quite for brunch we were still a good few hours away from that.  Instead we hit the pool for the morning.

The kids pool was shaded, shallow and complete with slide.

Cue me being able to sit on the side with my feet in the water watching them.

With water served in ice cold cool boxes we stayed hydrated for the morning, so that the hours felt like minutes.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to brunch.

The Ritz Carlton Doha Superhero Brunch

Now we’ve been to brunch here before, and it just so happened to be the superhero brunch.  As we were there at the end of the month again it just so happened to be the superhero brunch again.

Ritz Carlton Doha Ritz Carlton Doha Ritz Carlton Doha

With the children’s food delivered to the table we encouraged them to eat as much we possibly could before they found the sugar.

And no.  They didn’t eat their broccoli.

They did however munch down on bread, cucumber, chips, burger and my youngest standard “pasta”.  Which I felt was good enough to let them loose.

Running round to the kids area, queuing patiently for face paints, bowling outside and running on the grass.  Horse rides and animals to be seen.  The little people in our party were busy.  And I mean hectically busy.

Then they found the candy floss.

Ritz Carlton Doha

And excitement levels hit a new high.

Only to be topped by Superman helping decorate cupcakes…

Ritz Carlton Doha

Life goal complete.

High on sugar, a wonderful time with friends, and a lot of energy still to burn we headed up for a quick game of chess in the Club Lounge before taking the kids to bed ready for a full Saturday of baking demonstrations, the pool again and of course, and epic treat for me at the spa….





we stayed at the Ritz Carlton Doha as guests for the purpose of this review - all opinions are my own

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