Clothes can always be washed, but the memories last a lifetime

I’d say I am pretty easy going as a mum.

Sure there are moments when I shout, mainly when their fighting reaches epic proportions.  And there are definitely nights when I clamber into bed exhausted from the antics of the pair of them not entirely sure how I am going to take another day of their craziness.

But on the whole I am chilled.

Which is a good thing.  Especially when it comes to clothes.

I don’t want to deny them the freedom of exploration in favour of keeping their pristine clothes clean.  In fact I haven’t really had much choice with my eldest been a consummate commando crawler out in Dubai wrecking many, many, t-shirts and vests as he dragged his torso across the dirty floor.  My youngest wasn’t much better, loving nothing more than being set free outside to crawl in the dust.  And believe me living in the desert there is a lot of dust.

But still, they’re exploring, learning and enjoying the world.  And I can’t really talk seeing as when I took the above photo I was lying flat on the floor leaving a clean, sand free, Laura shape.

So no.  I don’t go crazy when they start go a little bit wild outside.  I’m not bothered too much by dirty knees and grass stains.  Clothes are functional, cute, but functional.

Besides they can always be washed.  White vinegar is often your friend.  As are cold water sterilising tablets as a mild form of hydrogen peroxide (best tip ever).  And if the stains don’t come out?  Well they can be play clothes forever more.

It’s not just the great outdoors that stains

Nope.  Definitely not.  I’m not sure how other people do it but my children were perpetual bib haters.

Literally, within 15 seconds of managing to wrestle them to the ground and tie a bib round their neck it was on the floor.

With whatever they were eating smeared everywhere.  Whether it was raspberries, chocolate pudding or spag bol.  These boys SMEARED it!

It’s not even getting better with age.

Still, again, clothes can be washed and I am not the best role model with ten tons of food dropped down myself each day.

It’s more about the experience, the savouring and the delight in everything that I’m worried about.

For everything else?  There’s an answer, a solution, and a way to remove that stain.

`Ultimate Stain Removal Guide
Provided by Muddy Puddles


Dirty clothes can be washed, memories last a lifetime


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