Always Ready for Family Fun by the Water

The hot weather we have been enjoying lately has given us all the chance to go swimming more. On a burning hot day, nothing beats heading for the beach or your local pool. It is a great way to cool down as well as being a lot of fun.

Naturally, on hot days, everyone heads to these places. So, it is wise to get there early, so you can get yourself a spot that is close to the sea, lake or poolside. It makes sense to have everything you need close at hand. That way, you can wake up early, grab your ready packed bag and bundle the kids straight in the car.

Buy everything you need in one place

Stores like make it really easy to buy what you need. They sell everything you will need for a day by the water, including beach toys, swimming aids, towels and swimwear for boys, girls, women, and men. You can simply go online and buy what you need in an hour or less. Here is a quick checklist to help you to shop for waterwear.

Practical swimwear

Top of the list has to be swimwear for everyone. It needs to fit, be quick-drying and practical. String bikinis look great and are good for sunbathing, but for swimming and playing with the kids a one-piece is a much more practical option.

Towels and something to lie on

Pack a towel for each of you. Make sure it is long enough to lie on.

Some form of shade

When it is very hot being able to get into the shade under an umbrella is important. For the younger members of your family, a shade tent can be a good idea.

Sun protection

Pack sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and sun cream for each family member. Also, make sure everyone has something lightweight to throw on over their swimming costume. That way if they start to go a little red they will have something to put on that will protect them properly from the sun. You can find out about how to buy sun-safe clothing here.

Bug spray

If you are going to the beach, a reservoir or lake it is wise to pack some sort of bug protection. In some places, midges and sand flies can be a bit of an issue. It is better to be prepared for this eventuality than have to leave early because you are being bitten.

First aid kit

When the kids are playing the chances are one of them will stub a toe or cut themselves. So, it makes sense to pack some antiseptic cream and a few plasters.

A cool bag

Given the state of the traffic, it is never wise to go on a trip without packing some drinks and snacks. If you pack these into a cool bag or box, you will be able to take it onto the beach, as well.

Busy enjoying a picnic

Waterproof covers for your electronic devices

If you want to use your phones or tablets be sure to buy a protective cover for each item. This will stop the sand and water from getting in. It is also wise to pack a power block.

A good beach bag

The type with a separate waterproof internal compartment is ideal. These enable you to keep wet costumes away from everything else. Make sure it is big enough to fit everything you need in. Try to pack it the night before, so that you can pack it the night before and just grab it and leave straight away, in the morning.

More ideas for days out with the kids

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article and will find the tips in it of use. If you would like more ideas of where to go and what to do with your family, just click through and read some of my “days out with the kids” articles.

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