Boys don’t wear leggings

Boys don’t wear leggings.

Hang on, what?

But boys don’t wear leggings??

I’ve heard this statement mumbled around a little.  But never as much as when my boys were proudly running round in their, yep you guessed it, brand new leggings.

I mean, they’re comfortable, they’re practical, they’re stylish and they’re gorgeous.  Heck, I’ve been looking for a pair that match with them but can’t quite pull off the stag leggings as well as my five year old.

Safe to say I love them.  They are my go to travel wear for both both boys because of their comfort and style factor.

So to say they’re not for boys?

I am not on board with that.

Ever since my pair have been tiny we’ve been shopping across the whole of the store for both of them.  From wearing newborn baby tights under their trousers to keep them warm in the winter, to keeping up that trend as they grew older to STOP THEM PULLING OFF THEIR DAMN SOCKS!

The perils of wearing socks = cold toes!

I mean, at the end of the day they are just clothes.

Designed to keep you warm (or cool depending on the season) and make you feel good – so why do we insist on labelling clothes?

Oh you can’t wear that – you’re a girl.  Oh that’s not for you – you’re a boy.

I don’t agree, and with Prince George rocking out the more classic style of old school knits and knee length socks (that I’ve been reliably informed are from Condor UK Online Shop, I mean obvs I’m on first name terms with Kate….) that are these days seemingly “reserved” for girls, why not continue to buck the trend?

Leggings ARE for boys

Just as they are for girls.  Both my boys ROCK a cardigan.  Something which their dad is slightly jealous of as he hasn’t quite worked out how to do the same.

Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps

They love all things glitter, sparkle and every single colour of the rainbow.

The warmth and the cosiness of the hand knit cardigan, the lycra stretch of leggings, the softness of cotton against their skin.  They choose clothes for the sheer joy of them.

So why shouldn’t they wear clothes that they love?  That express all aspects of their personality?

It saves my ears from a full on tantrum each day as they’re much more likely to pull out and wear something which they truly love that they’ve picked themselves.  And they do.  They wear those things until they literally cannot be worn any more.

Why wouldn’t I encourage that?

The freedom of expression, the wonder of feeling fabulous in what you’re wearing, the confidence that comes with it?  The independence of being allowed to choose your own clothes, not only what to wear but to have a choice in buying it as well?  I can actually see their chests swell with pride as they point out to me what they want.  I adore seeing their style develop and how different clothes appeal to each boy separately.

So yes.  Boys DO wear leggings.  And they rock them.




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  1. September 21, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    I totally agree! Seems perfectly normal to me and often they rock it. We’ve had gender assigning this week and as always I’ve argued against it. Wrote about it too. It shouldn’t matter what they wear or like. If that’s what they like then that’s all that matters.

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