Top Things To Look Out For In The Third Trimester

So you’ve got past the difficult, scary first trimester and have probably enjoyed the sickness free second trimester and the third trimester is quickly approaching and you’re wondering what to expect. Heading into your final trimester can be a worrying but also exciting time of your pregnancy. The third trimester runs from weeks 28 through to 42 and yes, it’s the final stage of your pregnancy. This is the stage that fills most with the anticipation of labor, not to mention that this is is rumored to be the most testing of times. Have a look here at some of the things you’ll expect in the final part of your pregnancy.

Comfort levels

Unfortunately, the third trimester the end of feeling comfortable. You may find that it’s best to purchase something such as an exercise ball that you can sit and bounce on. Not only are they more comfortable for you but they also help to get the baby into a good position for birth. You’re probably going to experience a lot of changes and physical discomforts, the majority of them are due to the increasing size and weight of your baby. You may find yourself getting short of breath more easily especially as your baby begins to press up against your diaphragm and lungs so take extra care when climbing a flight of stairs or taking a walk around. These are no longer an easy task. Backache and extra fatigue may start to slow you down too because of the increased weight you have to carry around. You may also find that you begin to suffer from swelling of your feet and ankles which at times can be sore and uncomfortable to deal with, making sure you keep your feet raised, cool and wearing comfortable footwear to minimize this although it can be unavoidable due to the extra weight you are carrying. Why not try a refreshing cool foot spa to keep your feet cool if you are particularly struggling it may be worth mentioning it to your care provider and it’s important to bear in mind that excessive and sudden swelling isn’t normal and should always be checked out.  

Needing To Slow Down

You may find it better start taking things a little slower and if you need to stop to catch your breath try not to worry about it, just explain to whoever you are with that you need a little extra time than normal, they are sure to understand. There is no harm in asking friends and family to help out with everyday tasks so if you need a few bits from the shop or it’s a little too much to run the hoover around on some days, don’t shy away, just ask. It can be difficult in the third trimester as many people get a massive urge to ‘nest’ and get the home ready for the soon to arrive, baby, however, you should try to slow down if you can and put your feet up for a well-deserved rest. It’s expected during some point of pregnancy to need to slow down however it is equally important to make sure you have some level of activity, although walking may take you a lot longer than it used to and you may find that you are stopping more often, it can be a brilliant way of helping the baby to find their way in to the correct position for labor.

Lack Of Sleep

Some like to say that the lack of sleep you experience in the third trimester is just getting you ready for when the baby arrives, however, in reality, it’s probably just because of your increasing belly size and lack of sleeping positions available. You may be finding it really hard to find that comfortable position during the night and you will probably be taking frequent trips to the bathroom, just what you need when you’ve just got comfortable. Try using a pregnancy pillow to support your bump and maybe us a fan to keep cool in warmer weather. Cutting down liquids just before bed could help with the trips to the bathroom. It’s not recommended that you use any sort of sleep aid in medication form however using methods such as calming music, relaxing baths (not too hot or long), a foot massage, reading some baby books or sitting up may help you to get the sleep you need. If this fails don’t be afraid to take a midday nap if you need it, everyone will understand and it could help you to catch up on the sleep that you’ve been missing.

Extra Movements and Braxton Hicks

This part of the pregnancy is when you will be feeling more and more movements and will possibly begin to experience Braxton hicks contractions. It’s a very special time when you are able to make a real bond with your baby, it’s important to get to know how they move and when they move so you can report any changes to your healthcare providers. Maybe try writing down when they are most active for a few weeks and see if you start to recognize a pattern. Now’s the time when they will be able to recognize a familiar voice and may start kicking when they hear their older brother or sister nearby. They will even start to move around to the music that you play. This is the perfect time for your partner to speak to the belly and start building up that bond too. When you start to experience Braxton hicks contractions it’s really important to be able to recognize whether they are the real thing, especially the closer you are getting to your due date. It’s a good idea to start researching how to time contractions and familiarize yourself with any apps, timing methods and identifiers for when to ring for medical services.

Do you have any other thing to look out for when heading for the third trimester? Please share them in the comments section below.


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