6 Cleaning tips that all parents should know

It’s no secret that mum life can get a bit fuzzy from time to time, especially when you’ve spent the night with a teething baby or a bed-wetting toddler and you’re just desperate for that morning cuppa! And then you notice that last night’s dishes are piled up in the sink, your baby is eating old crumbs off the floor for breakfast and your big kids can’t find matching socks or a clean uniform – suddenly your home and life feels a little out of control! 

Not all of us have the luxury of paying a regular house cleaner to keep our home under wraps or childcare providers while you do the cleaning yourself. But you may be surprised that there are so many handy hacks you can do yourself that won’t actually take up too much time.

To help you navigate the mess that can come with raising kids, we’ve compiled six easy-peasy non-confronting clean-as-you-go tips that you might not have heard before.

Clean while the kettle boils! 

We all have nights where we just need to crawl into bed and leave the day that was behind us, Although it would be great if we could all promise to clean up before bed every night, sometimes that just isn’t feasible or what you really need when you’re falling asleep on the couch – so be easy on yourself! But first thing in the morning, while your kettle is boiling for your morning brew, start loading up that dishwasher. It’s a surprisingly great way to start the morning and often leads to a much more productive rest of your day. 

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Keep your cleaning products handy

Keeping a spray bottle with a little vinegar and eucalyptus oil on a bench in each room along with a cleaning cloth can make keeping your home dust and grime free oh so simple. Whenever you notice the surface gathering some dirt, a quick spray and wipe is all you need and, who knows, you might just feel inspired and start wiping down the whole room! 

Invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner

This little tip is seriously life changing and, no, you don’t need to spend all your coffee money on it. A cheaper vacuum is all you need for day-to-day tidying. Keep it somewhere central in your home and empty it after each use so it is quick and easy to grab on the go. Hide your big bulky vacuum in a closet somewhere and save it for a rainy day when you feel more inspired to deep clean. 

Don’t stop to mop

Mopping is one of everyone’s least favourite cleaning activities! Of course, you need to give your floors a good mop frequently to keep your house hygienic, but it’s so much easier if every night you do a quick spot clean, to avoid any food hardening or sticking to your floors. So, keep a rag or wash cloth separately in your kitchen so you can do a quick spot clean of the cupboards and floors after your evening meal (which tends to be the messiest!). It will only take a few seconds and you will save yourself so much time scrubbing in the long run!

Take a breath and start small

If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and just start small. Remind yourself that it won’t take as long as you think it will and plan to have a much-deserved moment to yourself when it’s done. Only ten minutes of cleaning and tidying can make a huge difference to your home. Often, when our house is tidy, we feel a lot more calm and things don’t tend to seem so fuzzy or out of control.

If all else fails – it’s okay to get some help

It’s not as expensive as you think to hire cleaning services sydney to give you a hand every now and then. They can even help with tasks like decluttering, organising and doing a deep clean! It might be worth looking into whether you can afford some help from a home cleaner even just once every six months. If possible, work it into your weekly budget so that it doesn’t feel like a great expense. 

Remember, you are doing such a wonderful job, and a messy house is simply a house that’s lived in (one that’s filled with joyous moments with your children). Go easy on yourself and just do what you can, when you can. The mess can always wait!

6 cleaning hacks for tired parents

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