Six Years of Blogging

Six years ago, heavily pregnant with my second son, one of my friends set up a blog.

I was intrigued, and did I mention heavily pregnant?!

There I was, mulling about my every day life, and there was the chance I could sit and write about it on the internet?! Use it as a chance to keep my family back home updated in the life of the boys. Write and have a chance to use my befuddled brain?!

So I set up and pulled out my ancient laptop and set up Life with Baby Kicks.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Humble beginnings

From a, very badly designed, blog on Blogger, to a sleeker (I hope) design on WordPress I have learnt a lot over the years. I have taken my blog from something I randomly wrote with the laptop perched on my lap to actually being able to make an income from blogging.

I have grown my social media channels from nothing to a sizeable amount of followers, as always amazed that someone may be interested in something I have to say, and I have patiently explained to many people (my mum in particular) how this social media influencing and blogging is in fact an actual job!

make money blogging

I look around and I can’t quite believe that this is what I do.

But it’s a saturated market?

It’s true, there are estimated to be 600 million blogs out there. That is a lot of competition to get started and shine. But it can be done.

Firstly, you need to decide what you’re blogging for.

Are you a business who wants a more engaged customer base? Are you a mum who wants to record her daily life in a sleep deprived haze? Maybe you’re into beauty products and you want to share with everyone what you’ve found.

Whatever you decide you need to be passionate about it, and play to your strengths.

Jennifer Wakumelo is an influencer who knew just how to do that, setting up Real Food to Heal based on her experience in healthcare, leading to a thriving blog and social media presence.

Secondly you need to get a handle on the technical aspect.

There are many, many courses and google searches out there that help. From how to write code to how to rank on Google. And not forgetting the guides that help you work out your SEO from your DA abbreviations…..

If that’s not your cup of tea then many choose to use those who have been in the blogging industry pretty much since it exploded back in the early 2000’s expertise, the likes of Top Blog Coaching who help you with the more technical aspects of your blog life, improving SEO and keyword research.

Is it worth me starting a blog?

Having written hundreds of blog posts over the last six years, including a viral sleep post, written for other publications including a viral post for Huffington Post back in 2015, made beautiful friends via my blog, had people reach out to me through my blog and had a thousand memories along the way.

The fact that I can now earn a living from pouring my passion into the words I type is an added bonus.

For that alone – yes, it’s worth starting a blog – as long as you don’t have visions of turning into a blogging millionaire overnight! It takes long hours, hard work and getting over putting yourself out there!

choosing a blog name

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