5 Simple Ways to Keep the Children Happy During Lockdown

COVID-19, its quick spread and the attendant death toll has led to lockdowns in almost every part of the world. Families now stay home, keep to themselves and find new ways to stay entertained. Children especially may not fully understand why they cannot go to school or go out and play with their friends. In such a situation, keeping them happy can be quite a task. Here are five simple ways to keep your children happy during the lockdown.

Engage in physical activities

Children love to play and have fun, whether at home or school. However, the lockdown restrictions have kept them from their friends and playmates, and it’ll be good to engage them in physical activities. Find out what they love to do or would love to do and then make that happen as much as you can. It could be games such as hide and seek, and other fun activities such as dancing or painting. If possible, enrol them in dance lessons, or online tutorials on painting.

Fun studies

With many schools going on break during the lockdown, children may fall behind in terms of schoolwork. Studies must however continue unabated and making it fun is a sure way of getting the children involved and excited. You may not be a teacher, but you can employ some of the methods and tools they use to make learning fun. You can create songs or a rhyme of sorts to aid in the learning process. You could also use a game to teach them or even use flashcards for the same purposes.

Watch movies

Nothing lights up a child’s face as much as them seeing their favourite cartoon character doing something incredible. Children love movies, especially animated ones, so get several interesting ones. Why not put it on, join them to watch, and even make it a learning experience? You can point out the virtues or otherwise of the cartoon characters and why they should either emulate or desist from such actions.


Children love to imitate their parents; they will replicate whatever they have seen you do in one way or the other. For example, many parents had that one experience when children wanted to fix their own breakfast or supper. And as everybody is spending more time at home, it makes it an ideal time to engage the little ones in cooking. You can start with something they love, such as cookies, cake or pie. Let them perform small tasks during the process and be sure to keep them away from hot surfaces and sharp objects.

Give them positive compliments

The best time to instil a good work ethic in people is when they are young. The lockdown has given you some extra time to spend with your children, and you will notice a few things about them. Use this period to teach them good morals, acknowledge their efforts and compliment them positively when they accomplish tasks. This will put a smile on their face and make them eager to help out around the house in any way they can. Make them feel cherished, and they will be happy.

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