How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

It can be hard for parents to juggle the demands of work with raising children, but getting involved in your child’s education will help support their learning and increase their enthusiasm for their schoolwork. Knowing that you’re interested in what they’re learning at school makes it more likely that your child will open up to you about what they’re studying and how they’re finding things. Read on for some advice from a pre-prep school in London on how you can be more involved in your child’s education. 

Ask questions

Ask your child questions frequently about what they’re learning in school at the moment, and also ask if they’re finding anything challenging. If they say yes, offer to go through these areas with your child and think of some fun ways you can bring the subjects to life to help their learning. Asking questions shows that you’re interested in their education and care about how they’re getting on. This will encourage your child to share things with you more and tell you when they’re having problems with a particular topic.

Consider volunteering

If you have some spare time, ask your child’s school if they have any volunteering opportunities, such as becoming part of the Parent Teacher Association or helping with a fundraiser. You might also be able to volunteer in the classroom supporting students with reading or other activities. You could even find yourself in your child’s own class. Getting involved in school activities will show your child that school is something they can immerse themselves in and not just something to be endured. 

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Communicate with your child’s teacher

Make an effort to get to know the teacher as much as you can and introduce yourself to new teachers at the beginning of the school year. You could also send them an email so they’ve got your email address, and make sure to keep in touch throughout the year. Let them know that you’re open to any feedback or comments on your child’s learning, and of course contact them if you’ve got any concerns about how your child is progressing. Parent’s evening is a great opportunity to get an overview of how things are going, so make sure to take notes and implement any recommendations at home. 

Sharing your child’s learning journey in these ways will make them feel supported and that you’re in it with them, which will allow them to get the most out of school. 

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