How To Host The Ultimate St Patrick’s Day Dinner Party!

It won’t be long until St Patrick’s Day and while we’re in lockdown, it’s likely that all of the usual celebrations such as parades and parties are cancelled. Sure, you can attend socially distanced parties with masks on, but it’s not quite the same. It’s a big holiday for a lot of families, and the best thing that you can do for your celebration this year is to host the best St Patrick’s Day dinner party with your pandemic bubble.

You can extend your dinner party to an online Zoom party, but for your family in your bubble, you need to get it together and throw a dinner party to remember. We’re talking womens St Patrick’s Day shirts to celebrate the day, banners, decorations on the table and presentations that really matter. Whether you are an old hat at throwing dinner parties or you do this on a weekly basis, this is the dinner party for the first quarter of the year that you want everyone to remember. So, with this in mind, here are some of the things that you need to consider for your dinner party on St Patrick’s Day.

The Table

Green is the color for St Patrick’s Day, but gold is also another and if you don’t want to deck your house out in bottle green tablecloths and gems, then go for a white and gold theme with touches of green instead. Think about scattering the green and gold table runner with gold coins and use miniature black cauldrons to mark the table spaces. It doesn’t take a lot to make a St Patrick’s Day table look great, so work with whatever your budget may be.

The Appetizers

When you throw a dinner party, you need to make the meals and the drinks stand out. This cannot be a one-course wonder. Appetizers can be green themed, so think about nachos and guacamole, or smashed avocado on mini toast slices. There are so many green appetizer ideas that you can use for your dinner party and they are SO good.

The Drinks

Mini pint glasses of Guinness are a must, but you should also consider a cocktail for each table guest. Non-drinkers can have a non-alcoholic version so why not try the Shamrock Sour? This can be garnished with a lime wedge and a gold leaf edge to the glass to make it super festive.

The Mains

Veggie mains are a must, and potatoes have got to feature as part of the menu. More than that, though, is something traditionally Irish: beef stew! You could also offer a buffet option that will feature some of the best Irish stews and ham hock to really mark the occasion.

The Afters

Shamrock cupcakes, melted chocolate cakes with gold leaf garnish and even fruit salads with green and yellow fruits work a wonderful angle at a St Patrick’s Day party!

Be the best host and make sure that you choose some awesome, silly hats and wigs for your St Patrick’s Day favors, too!

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