A Bloggers’ Guide to Monetising Your Website

When looking to make money from your passions, you may be wondering where to start. Recent studies show that dedicated bloggers can earn tens of thousands each year in profits, so you can see why it’s an attractive business. But it’s not something that people expect the money to roll in, it relies on a lot of hard work and focus.

In this guide we look at ways to make money from your blog and improve your ROI overall from this digital agency in Hertfordshire.

Dip your toes into affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves adding links to your content in return for a small commission each time someone clicks on the link and signs up to a service or buys a product. Amazon is known for offering this service through their own personalised affiliate programs, but you can also find many other sites that will offer this option for bloggers and influencers. An important caveat is that you should disclose if you are using affiliate links within your content.

Writing up how-to guides

A lot of organic searches are about how people can look to do something. If you’re a blogger specialising in makeup or beauty for instance you have a great platform to add content that helps users in using specific products or follow latest trends. Videos or images to accompany the content will also make them stand out further and boost your SEO. 

Collaborate with influencers or other bloggers

Speak to others about how to promote your blog and offer ways you can help them in return. Bloggers often have networks of people that they can turn to when they’re looking to promote their businesses. Influencers also have great power over your brand or product if you’re looking to add further coverage. They can offer full, honest reviews about you and your services that also bring many social media followers and users to your site for greater visibility.

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