How to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

There are many reasons why you might want to boost your child’s creativity; one of the most common is that creative activities are good for children’s mental health and cognitive development.

Engaging in arts, crafting, drawing, painting and other activities on a regular basis can genuinely make for a happier child.

If your child is particularly academic, the arts might offer a welcome relief to them. Enabling them to “let go” of stress and enjoy something simply because it’s pleasant to do or fun to look at.

Here are some ideas to help you boost your child’s creativity:

Visit art galleries

Not just the big ones, but smaller private ones too. Art galleries often have interactive exhibitions or special activities for children to take part in. Seeing professional art is inspiring and exciting and galleries will expose your child to different types of art. Installations, sculpture, painting and more.

Keep an art supplies box or cupboard at home

Have a special place where your child knows they can find things to use in their artistic endeavours.

Paints, pencils, pens, paper, glue, fabrics and clay will all provide the means for them to get creative whenever the urge takes them.

Let them go big

Let your child use chalks to draw a huge picture on your driveway. Or pin up lining paper on the walls and paint a huge mural. Drawing or painting on a large scale uses a different part of the brain and your child may be inspired to keep creating larger pieces.

Schools today take art lessons seriously, this independent school in Leatherhead encourages all pupils to try different styles of art and to use different mediums. 

All children have an innate creativity – most just need a little encouragement to bring it out.

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