Staycations have never really appealed to me. I mean, why would I go and stay in a hotel in the city that I live in when I have a perfectly good house, a valid passport and a thirst to go and see the world?  Even if that city is Doha,… View Post

This time next month we will have boarded a plane, and then another plane, and then a boat.  And of course it will also be Christmas Eve. Yep, this Christmas we’re off on a cruise round the Caribbean. After a trip on the Azura last January which completely changed my perspective… View Post

Doing my weekly shop. As normal. Meandering round the shop, weaving in and out of everyone, throwing a lifetime supply of pasta in the trolley as that is the only thing my two year old eats. As normal. Then it happened. I walked past the baby aisle, and carried on.… View Post

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through another year of motherhood. Being a mum might be the best job in the world, but boy is it a tough one! Giving yourself a treat now and then is a must for not only keeping you sane but making sure you stay healthy… View Post