Looking for a #BML16 Blogger? Look no further…

It’s that time of year once again, the badges are out, the excitement is mounting.  Yes, the biggest blogging conference is looming once again #BML16 is coming!  With over 8000 delegates expected to turn out in force for the UK’s biggest event for bloggers, brand and social media gurus including little old me…

#BML16 Sponsor

Yes, after watching jealously from the sidelines last year, this year I’m back in the UK raring to go, to learn and grow.  I’d love to take your brand along for the ride as an excited newbie and this is my plea for sponsorship.

If you’re looking for a blogger to represent you, then please read on to find out what I’m offering in return:

  • An introductory blog post introducing you as my sponsor for #BML16
  • Mentions in all posts in the lead up to #BML16 as my sponsor, including the now iconic “I’m Going to #BML16…” introduction
  • Your brand name included in all social media posts in the run up to, throughout and the aftermath of #BML16
  • A mention of your brand on my business cards which will be handed out at the event
  • Free reviews of your products/services on my blog for 12 months, including any giveaways or competitions
  • I’ll mention your company, with any links, in all posts following #BML16
  • Sidebar advert with a direct link to your site for 12 months from am agreed date

All of the above is flexible and I’d love to come up with some new ways to work together.

Me and W

But why sponsor Life with Baby Kicks for #BML16?

I said it myself, there are 8,000 delegates going, why should you pick me out of a sea of wonderful bloggers? Ahem, let me blow my own trumpet…

I’m hard-working and motivated, going from not having a clue about blogging, or Twitter, or Instagram, or any social media other than Facebook stalking, to growing a highly engaged social media following organically.  Along the way, as well as gaining some much needed confidence in myself, I have found myself joining in with a wonderful, strong community of bloggers and PR; giving back to the community by being admin in various Facebook groups and generally being an all round extrovert by chatting away with everyone, making some lifelong blogging friends.

I’ve seen not only my social media stats grow, but my page views, Tots100 ranking and that all important DA score grow – if you’d like to know more detailed numbers please email me lifewithbabykicks@gmail.com and I’d be thrilled to share.

Me and E


The approximate cost for your to sponsor me to attend #BML16 and benefit from everything mentioned above would be as follows –

  • BritMums Live ticket – £82.31
  • Travel – £80
  • Business Cards – £25
  • Cake for my Mum to say thank you for looking after the Baby who doesn’t sleep (and the Big One who does) – £15

I’m more than happy to bring the total cost to you to a round number of £175. I’ve cut all the possible corners to keep costs low, sleeping on people’s sofas and booking travel in advance, so hopefully this is an appealing number!

If any or all of this sounds appealing please do email me lifewithbabykicks@gmail.com and we can chat more about how we can rock #BML16 together.

#BML16 Sponsor