Mummy put the EP on….and other toddler sayings


Technology savvy children, the toddler terror can work the iPad, and knows that BBC iPlayer will only work when we have the VPN on.

Cue much shouting of “Mummy put the EP on” when it is turned off so he can take his pick from Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Dinopaws, Chuggington without being downloaded.  Speaking with which that is the other phrase which pops out “oh mummy its loading” which I definitely did not know when I was 2!

I give him a year before he will know more about technology than me or the husband.

Travelling with the iPad


As I have mentioned previously, the toddler terror *may* have picked up on daddy road rage, it would also appear that there are a couple of other phrases which may get shouted from the back seat of our car more than once:
1. “One way, one way” with one finger held up.  This I will admit has been learned from myself as I shout at all the drivers out here in the ONE WAY car parks when they are not going the direction of the arrows!
2. “Go, Go, Go” classic Dubai impatience if we stop at a traffic light in any way shape or form
3. Intermittent shouts of “iPad” from the car seat (any guesses on how we get him on the 20 minute ride back from nursery staying awake!)

In the kitchen

The toddler terror loves to bake.  And anything kitchen related.  And his sayings in here are not too out of the ordinary, random demands for his step to be brought into him and to help “put in dishes” he really doesn’t say anything too out of the ordinary.  His list of names for utensils however, well, I’ll let you try and guess what is what below:
1. Poon
2. Flip it
3. Snap
4. The noisy


Last week the toddler terror discovered my bra.  And found it great for hanging from his shoulder and carrying like a handbag.  And called it “mummys boobies” Which led to this conversation one bedtime:
“Night night”
“Mummy, need water”
Off I trot to fetch water.  “Here you go, night night”
“Mummy, need choo choo train”
Off I trot again to get the choo choo train.  “Here you go, night night”
“Mummy’s boobies in cot?”
“Do you really need mummy’s boobies in your bed?”
“Mummy’s boobies in cot?”
Sigh.  “Fine here you go”
“Thank you mummy”

Which leads to my favourite toddler conversation of every day:
“Night Night”
“Night Night Mummy”
“Sweet dreams”
“Sweet dreams Mummy”
“Love you”
“Dub you”

Little Hearts, Big Love

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