Moving house!

I may have mentioned once or twice that we are moving!  I am very very excited to be moving from our 2 bed plus study 4th floor apartment to the new THREE bed plus study VILLA with GARDEN!!!
OK maybe I am a little bit more than excited!  We are getting a garden!
The start of our packing journey!

And alongside this we are moving the toddler to his big boy room and
will be decorating this accordingly, namely because all of his nursery furniture
is being gifted to the baby.   In preparation for this moment we have
moved his cot from a cot to a bed (which the first time we tried was a painful
painful transition which resulted in us putting the side back on at 11:25pm
while said toddler ran round us screaming….) so we are upgrading him to a
single bed.  And as we are stealing the
rest of his furniture for the baby we are also giving him a new chair for story
time and a chest of drawers that we are contemplating letting him paint
himself…… but that’s yet to be decided! 
And other than that we have a whole room to play with and make into a
toddler wonderland somehow.
The villas here are very plain, white walls, white tiles, very appropriate for the climate but not so pretty with anything else, this is why I’m at teaming up with e-walls studio who provide fabulous and fantastic wall decals to turn my plain and boring toddler room into a toddler paradise!
Their website has so many different decals and ideas, I fell completely and utterly in love.  And have been shoving different images under the husbands nose ever since….
I particularly love (read have shoved) the following at the husband:

And those are just the ones I love for the toddlers room, don’t even get me started on the babies room….well just the one or two that I love:

However, as we only just got the keys this post is just the beginning, a teaser shall we say, as we go further down the process I’ll keep you all updated as to how we work the whole design process with the fabulous e-walls studio from pinterest imagery to design to decorated toddler paradise room..

I’m especially excited because until I stumbled across e-walls studio I didn’t realise that you were able to source such fabulous wall decals from Dubai I thought to get the range and look we were after I would have to head to etsy and look at setting up a shop and ship account to get something original and not tacky for the toddler, instead, I found the fabulous e-walls and lets just say, the rest is history! 
Follow me to stay updated with the process and final design, there is even a chance to win a fabulous decal coming up.

Disclaimer; all photos were sourced from e-walls studio with permission to repost.  All links take you to their website and product details, I receive no payment for these links.  


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  1. November 19, 2016 / 1:04 pm

    Gorgeous idea for livening up white interior! I hope the adjustment to his new room goes well when the time comes! Xx

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