50 Things that make me happy

You may have seen the new blogging phenomena that’s going round at the moment, 50 things that make you happy.  I’m delighted that the lovely Rachel from Ten Minutes Spare tagged me.  This is for two reasons really:

1. It really did make me focus on things that make me happy, I didn’t think I’d be able to get to 50 as quickly as I did but in all honesty this post was drafted in the 20 minutes I was on the CTG monitor this morning, this morning actually being the day before Baby Boy arrived!
2. It means that my hard work is paying off and I truly am starting to becoming one of the blogging community!

What makes me happy?

Before I start my list I just wanted to tell you all about one of the toddler terrors pieces of nursery work round Thanksgiving, the happy tree, which was a similar exercise for him and his class. 
What is he happy and thankful for you may wonder? 
That one happy
Mummy (with prompting from his teacher)
Nice to know I rank behind soup!
Now without further ado, here is my happy list, and I haven’t had any prompting, I promise:

  1. My husband
  2. The toddler terror
  3. The bump turned baby boy 
  4. My expat friends who are more like family, you know who you are
  5. My actual family,especially my amazing Mum, who extended her stay out here last time and came flying back out when baby boy arrived early
  6. Sunny days
  7. Clean bed sheets
  8. Lie ins
  9. Wine
  10. Baking with the toddler
  11. Baking more elaborately on my own
  12. Newborn cuddles
  13. Goodnight kisses
  14. Downton Abbey
  15. Losing myself in a good book
  16. Chocolate, of all varieties 
  17. Freshly baked bread
  18. Dancing,like no ones watching
  19. Meeting up with friends
  20. Travelling to explore new places
  21. Holidays in general
  22. Blogging
  23. Having a garden to play in
  24. Cake
  25. Laughing with the toddler
  26. Date nights with the husband
  27. Running (not the actual act but the sense of achievement)
  28. Learning something new
  29. Tea and dunking biscuits
  30. Evening sundowners
  31. Snow
  32. Toddler sayings; “I no like my hair put” is a great example, as is “Mummy put the EP on, please, please, please”
  33. Learning something new for myself
  34. Pedicures
  35. Breakfast in bed, decadent!
  36. Skype sessions
  37. Naps
  38. Musicals, especially at the theatre, but films are good too.  Blood Brothers is one of my favourites
  39. Memories
  40. A clean house
  41. English countryside
  42. Asking questions
  43. Barbecues
  44. Teaching the toddler new things
  45. The husband teaching me new things and vice versa
  46. Standing on grass with no shoes on
  47. New dresses
  48. Wearing make up (though you wouldn’t think it at the moment)
  49. The magic of Christmas
  50. Giving presents
This was such a lovely list to make and helped me focus on the little things that make me happy that I would like to tag the following lovely bloggers for their happy lists


  1. September 26, 2015 / 2:21 pm

    It really is the small things in life isn’t it!? I started writing down things that made me happy after my baby was born – kind of for my own look back on list when I needed it, and then curious to see what made other people happy too. I ended up doing a 100 things that make people happy list and an online site took it and published it. I guess that would have been number 101! Funny thing is when you think of happiness, your initial thoughts are about consumer led products – cars, clothes etc. but it’s the tiny things like you say – clean sheets, wine, good book. Up there for me too is clean house. Because it’s so hard to attain! x

    • Laura
      September 26, 2015 / 7:53 pm

      A clean house that I didn’t clean but the magical cleaning fairies!

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