I am the Mum who….

I have been tagged by the lovely Jo over at Momma Boss and then the equally lovely Tayla over at Motherhood The Real Deal, for the latest in blogging chain mail, I am the mum who….

I must say I have been loving these posts, not only as a way to get to know other bloggers but to know that all mums are different.

To my boys,

I am the mum who, won’t always catch you when you fall as I think you need to learn on your own what you can and can’t do but I will ALWAYS pick you up and kiss you better.


I am the mum who, will get down on the floor and play with you both (and has the crusty knees to prove it) but will leave you to play on your own as well because imagination is a wonderful thing that you need to grow and develop.

I am the mum who, will always have your back unless I think you are wrong. And then I will pull you up on it.

I am the mum who, will spend time baking with you both in the kitchen because I love it. I love having a passion to share with you that doesn’t involve the typical “boy” pastimes and though our creations may not be perfect they are mostly delicious!

chocolate face

I am the mum who, has learnt to trust her instincts and as Daddy told me, to read the baby not the book.

I am the mum who, still hasn’t learnt endless patience and probably never will. You are both likely to be the same seeing as it’s a trait both Daddy and I have.

I am the mum who, has no shame in the fact that you both had to be born by csection.  And I promise not to say to you what grandma says to me about being born awkward.  Honestly.  Well I promise to try.

I am the mum who, sometimes needs to be more than just mummy. I love you both and you’re my world but I need time to be me in order to be a better mum. This is why the blog was born.

I am the mum who, sometimes needs WINE instead of whiiiiiine. OK I ALWAYS need this.


I am the mum who, will always say sorry to you if I’m wrong. It doesn’t matter that you’re only little you are still people and you deserve that respect. Besides, who else are you going to learn from? I will lead by example.

I am the mum who, loves you both to the moon… And back.

Love Mummy xxx

And now I am changing it up a little bit with who I tag, it might say I am the mum who, but with such a wealth of Dad bloggers out there let’s hear what they have to say with “I am the Mum Dad who…”

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Though I do want to add one mum, my spectacular new find and brand new Twitter BFF:

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