Travel A Day Out; National Forest Adventure Farm

It’s a running joke in our house that I am obsessed with animals. Any idea for a day out from me generally is go the zoo, the petting zoo or in this case The National Forest Adventure Farm

The National Forest Adventure Farm though, is more than just a farm, it is a children’s paradise with animals large and small, the ability to feed the animals, to pet them, a soft play for all ages, outdoor adventure playground and this year’s Maize Maze celebrating 30 years of JCB.

If you don’t know who JCB are well they are the digger people.



The toddlers paradise.

Finally managing to prize him away from the diggers and sand off we went to search out the animals on the farm.

Walking on the Farm

The great thing about the National Forest Adventure Farm is that you can feed pretty much any of the animals (except the reindeer and the ponies which require special food). You buy animal feed for a Ā£1 at the entrance and off you go. We bought 2 pots which was more than enough for an excited little boy who dropped as much as he fed!

Feeding the Sheep

After the goat’s we headed down towards the Maize Maze, where this year’s tent activity in line with the JCB celebration is a brick laying activity!


Our little Toddler Brickie.

Once the wall was built to the inspectors satisfaction we headed into the Maize Maze which was in the shape of a digger, with a digger in pride of place. The toddler went sprinting off and we were told it would take about an hour and to wave our flag if we needed rescuing.

Maize Maze

The toddler lasted 500m and the baby started to cry.

We turned around and went for lunch. But don’t worry the toddler still got to play on the digger – just the inflatable one with slide.

Inflatable digger

After a full hour running round the whole outside adventure playground it was time to call it a day and take the little boys home. Happy, exhausted and digger-ed out!

The National Forest Adventure Farm in Staffordshire is Ā£10.75 per person, paying as soon as you are over 2. We had a full day out with lots of variety so you definitely would get value for money. I’d make sure to pack a picnic though!

Disclaimer; We received free entry for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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