Dubai; The Pop Up LEGO Shop and BoxPark

This week I was invited down to BoxPark to visit the pop up LEGO shop with some fellow Dubai bloggers Sand in my Toes and Cuddles and Crumbs.  Wanting to move on from mega blocks and intrigued by the concept of free play I allowed the Toddler to have a nap and set off down Al Wasl Road late that afternoon.

Not having ventured round here for a while I couldn’t believe how far they had come with the construction of the canal and how Safa Park has changed and I remembered fondly my first days here enjoying picnics in the lush green grass and the Toddler practicing his walking pushing his pram around.  BoxPark is situated just after Safa Park at the end of the road works.

A myriad of new shops and walkways with bright splashes of LEGO adding to the cheer. We parked right out front and took a slow – well as slow as you can when you’re rushing to get back in the AC – walk along the front admiring the shops and restaurants we passed along the way before stumbling upon our destination. The pop up LEGO shop. Which looked like a fabulous yellow LEGO brick and had that all important AC.


Open daily from 12 until 10pm the little shop is filled with all things LEGO to delight and thrill little ones. What’s even more appealing is the free play option, with buckets of LEGO and DUPLO for your kids to go wild and play.


The Toddler, going through a massive plane and all things flying episode immediately fell in love with a helicopter that he carried round studiously for the next hour. Along with dragging me to see the box exclaiming

Mummy I love it

Looking at the small pieces and the aged 5-12 stamped across the box I put it back on the shelf and guided him to the DUPLO.

Playing with DUPLO and the helicopter

We sat and we built trains and towers and a rather fetching aeroplane only being distracted once more by a fantastic DUPLO digger set that he was adamant we were having. To the point where he got my bag, took my purse, opened it and handed me the money (We didn’t buy it).


After an hours play, and holding onto the helicopter for dear life I managed to prise it out of his hands and we all walked back along the front to Markette to enjoy an early dinner for the kids while the mum bloggers of Dubai had a little chat and compare. Of course being a bloggers dinner there were plenty of photographs taken.


We went with the old faithful, chicken nuggets with chippies. As you do with a fussy nearly 3 year old.

Service was quick and the food came out beautifully presented and just the right portion for a hungry toddler. Complete with his own “dip dip” he delighted in eating every last crumb.


And by every last crumb, I mean every chip in sight, including off the sharing bowl, along with bites of chicken that Mummy made him eat while she sneaked a few bites herself.

All in all we had a wonderful afternoon down at BoxPark and it’s a yet another little hidden gem in the city.

Disclaimer; Our children’s meal was provided free of charge. All words and opinions are my own


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