Dubai Review; Pik-Nik Brunch at The Westin

Yesterday we headed out to the Pik-Nik Brunch at the Westin, I know how quick am I reviewing (the football is on and I am a Manchester United football widow. I’ve made my peace with this. Just about) and spent the afternoon in the sunshine enjoying something a little bit different.

Brunch, to us, is generally an activity enjoyed without children (unfortunately the accompanying hangover the next day is often enjoyed with children) so I was interested to see what the Toddler especially made of coming to a picnic brunch. Especially as he has been obsessed with picnics of late.

Starting from 11:30am we were the eager beavers that got there early – a trait of my husbands – which meant we were the first to walk into the picnic area, filled with blankets, parasols, big comfy bean bags and picnic tables. In hindsight, we should have had a lazier morning and arrived a little bit later on.

PikNik Westin
The Picnic Area of Pik-Nik

Sending the Toddler to swap the coin we were given on arrival for a picnic basket full of goodies, himself and the Husband got busy unpacking and exclaiming over each delight.


Packed with bread, cold meats, a wheel of brie, salads beautifully packaged in mason jars, mini dressings, pickles.  Sweet treats with cookies and cake, jelly beans.  There was something for everyone. Each time the Husband reached in and pulled something else out I couldn’t help but to ooh and ahh, exclaiming in delight.

piknik brunch

While I loaded up the Toddler’s plate with bread and cheese, you know, the standard toddler diet. The husband was dispatched to have a look at the drinks options. Drinks are available outside of the 390AED Pik-Nik price (which supplies you with hamper, water and iced tea) with a good alcoholic selction, from the gorgeously packaged “moonshine” used in the variety of cocktails, to beer, to Pimms and a little bit of fizz. The husband, having drawn the short straw with driving indulged in a virgin mojito while I started with a Pimms. Which made it feel like the ultimate in English country picnics.


After filling up on bread and cheese, me not the Toddler, we all decided to go and have a little bit of an explore and order from the barbecue station. One hot dog, one burger and one set of chicken nuggets ordered, the big people lay back and watched the little people. Which for the Baby obviously meant playing with the plastic cup while rocking his (brother’s) bandana from La Millou ME. Well he is the follically challenged of the two of them and his was in the wash after he wore it swimming yesterday.

Playing with the plastic cup
Playing with the plastic cup

Hot food arrived, my hot dog was delicious with coleslaw added in the bun served with a baked potato and corn on the cob. I saw the husbands burger, briefly, so I’d say that was pretty tasty as well. The chicken nuggets? Well they were ignored because now it was time for Toddler entertainment. And not just the pressing of the disabled call button in the baby change loo.

The Pik-Nik brunch is set up with children in mind. From food that they are likely to eat to sitting round on massive beanbags in a relaxed atmosphere.


To a wonderful assortment of circus activities; a tightrope to walk, diablos to try, spinning plates, walking on balls. All hands on for the kids to try.

Walking the tightrope with a little help
Walking the tightrope with a little help

Alongside the circus activities are the standard in keeping children happy – facepainting and balloon animals. We got given a butterfly and I have never seen a one of these made before, I also personally tried my hand at making a dog, a throwback from my days as a McDonald’s Party Entertainer.  (It worked!) All the while the Toddler was transformed before our eyes into Spiderman with a lot of patience from the lovely lady who had to keep asking him to sit still.

Not only was there this wonderful kids entertainment area, we also achieved the impossible in getting the Baby to nap so we could both go in and play with the Toddler who was in his absolute element watching Daddy try to spin a plate and Mummy attempt to master the diablo (and do a better job than Daddy)


Everything explored, most things sampled, it was time to try out the ice cream before heading home exhausted but happy.

ice cream2

We left around 2:20pm, having been there since about 11:20. Which is why I would recommend going a little later once the entertainment, which included live music, has started to kick in as the brunch goes on until 4pm, we had pushed our luck a little with our 2 keeping them out for 3 hours.  In hindsight we should have arrived around 12-12:30 leaving at 3:30.  But we misjudged the relaxed nature of this brunch completely!

Prices start from 390AED for the hamper with drinks being priced separately. Drinks are standard Dubai prices, 60AED for a glass of Prosecco and 45AED for a glass of Pimms which isn’t unreasonable.

A relaxed, informal, English country style picnic now the weather is beautiful. Go, kick back, relax. Let the kids run round, book a taxi and indulge in a bottle of wine to go with your beautifully prepared hamper and laze away a perfect Saturday afternoon. They are even doing a Boxing Day Pik-Nik which could be a perfect end to your Christmas indulgences.

To book call 04 511 7139.

Disclosure; We received a complimentary brunch for 2 adults and 2 children for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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