#Miles4MAMA – Update

I started the #Miles4MAMA challenge way back in September.


My challenge, was to run 500km before the 13th July. No problem I thought. No sweat. I could do this easily. 500km is nothing. (It ISN’T nothing. It’s 311 miles.)

And I started, and I half heartedly went with it. Running, then stopping. Then running. Then stopping. Then, my last run of 2015. I fell over.

Head over heels.

I looked a fool but I only dented my pride nothing else. So that was it. From November I didn’t run again for the rest of the year.

Then 2016 came and with it my “resolutions” including one to run more, but not beat myself up if I didn’t. Alongside some blood test results that showed my cholesterol creeping with my blood pressure being all over the place. Not where I want it to be.

So I started. Running. Then we went on holiday (and became cruise converts) and I kept running. Admittedly I only went three times on the ship, but that is three times more than I have ever ran on holiday before.

And slowly, I have been able to run more. Whereas back in September I struggled to run for any period of time, I’ve slowly built up and can now run for 30 minutes. Yes, it’s still a struggle BUT I’m doing it. My longest run to date is 3.44 miles which took me just under 35 minutes.


But the big question is where does this leave me on my goal? I have just under 4 months left to reach 311 miles.

At my last update, with a measly eight runs, I had done a total of 15.55 miles, leaving me 295.45 miles to go, so what can I add?

In January and February I ran 29.91 miles, with most miles being run in February. And I will continue, I am choosing to make this non-negotiable.

#Miles4MAMA February Update


And while I might not get to my target by 13th July, needing to run 66 miles a month (eeeep) I will keep running, for MAMA Academy, for my boys, for me. I will get to my target, maybe just a little late.


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