“Undercover” Public Breastfeeding with Loveyush

People often expect that breastfeeding in Dubai is nigh on impossible.  It’s not, in fact I’ve only ever had positive breastfeeding experiences in Dubai.

That said, it’s definitely not the type of place you can shake your tatas out all over the show and in line with being respectful in Dubai, a modicum of respect is required.

This was all fine and dandy when the Baby was a newborn dot that didn’t move, he was happy as Larry under a standard cover though to be honest I didn’t use it that much preferring the whole two top method to cover any accidental flash that may have occurred.  Walking round Geant for example….

Then he got bigger.

And busier.  And nosier.

Then all of a sudden any kind of cover was a no.  He didn’t want to be underneath any form of cloth unless it was to play peekaboo.

And it was getting hotter so the two top thing just wasn’t cutting it getting sweaty and smelly.  But I still needed to keep a bit more covered in public.  

Enter the Loveyush scarf.

More than a breastfeeding cover, multifunctional and stylish too, but more on that shortly.


I was skeptical.  I assumed it would be another cover over his head for him to flap around with and play, flashing me whilst not actually getting on with the job in hand which is in fact FEEDING.  It’s not just a cover, the ways in which the Loveyush scarf can be used are multiple and it can be adapted depending on your child and their needs.  Some babies need to be hidden under a scarf to focus on the task in hand, some like mine need the scarf well away from their peekaboo wannabe playing head so they remember why they are there in the first place.

If you hadn’t already gathered I have a peekaboo baby.  So while it’s fantastic that I can wear the scarf as a gorgeous poncho, which is wonderful as a bikini coverup, or a need to cover my shoulders in public cover.  Attempting to throw it over his head is never going to end well.

loveyush poncho

No, I wear the Loveyush scarf, like a scarf.  Covering up any exposed neck and chest area while out feeding in public but allowing for little eyes to dart around while he gets on with his lunch (excuse the wonky selfie)


Can’t see a thing!

Not only that, but as well as being a breastfeeding cover the Loveyush can also be used as a sneaky cover if your baby falls asleep in the pram or the car seat.

loveyush pram

It’s easy to roll up and fit in my bag when I’m too hot to wear a scarf, it has been a wonderful accessory when I’ve forgotten I need to nip into a mall and my shoulders are bare, a bikini cover up on our cruise holiday, it’s kept the flies away from the sleeping baby and has also acted as a seatbelt in the supermarket trolley and as a wrap for an ice pack when the Big One has tripped and banged his head.

Words just can’t do this multi functioning scarf justice and as if by magic Loveyush has put together a little video of the nursing scarf in action, which shows some wonderful ways the more fashionable amongst you can wear the scarf. I’m going to try the tied at one shoulder look tomorrow as it’s been a little bit cooler here the past few days, and living out of a suitcase has meant my clothes are a little bit repetitive so I’m looking forward to mixing it up a little!

Functional, yet fashionable, as well as being affordable with prices starting from £27.50 (like the beautiful Grey Gingham scarf I’m modelling!) made from 100% cotton. It’s been a useful addition to my breastfeeding wardrobe.

And yes, it still makes a great peekaboo blanket….

Disclosure; I received a Loveyush Nursing Scarf for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. As are peekaboo playing babies.


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