Baby Care with Palmers Cocoa Butter: Review

It has hit that time of year again, the AC is on permanently and with it the drying out of both mine and the boys skin, so when Palmers asked if we would like to try a sample of Palmers Cocoa Butter Baby Products we jumped at the chance.

Baby care products

I used Palmers tummy butter throughout my pregnancy, the chocolate-y Cocoa scent making my pregnant nose twitch and tummy rumble.  Even now I use the last scrapings of the tummy butter on my scabby knees to try and breathe some life back into them after spending the past 3 years crawling about the floor.  So it’s safe to say I was excited about trying out the products on the boys and having them smell like chocolate.  Good enough to eat!

Cocoa butter is a rich and natural moisturiser which is why I was happy to use it on the boys, it’s claimed to transform the roughest driest areas into buttery soft skin but the boys, generally apart from the odd rogue patch of ezcema, already have buttery soft skin.  Still a little extra nourishment doesn’t hurt!

We’ve been busy road testing the Baby Butter and the Nappy Rash Cream….

Palmers Cocoa Butter Review: Baby Butter

As you may know if you read the blog regularly, the baby isn’t the biggest fan of sleeping.  So we took it as an opportunity to see if baby massage would make any difference.  Having never been to any baby massage class or having the faintest idea of what baby massage actually entailed we simply slapped it on, rubbed it round a bit, smelt him (a lot!) and bundled him into bed.  Needless to say it’s had no effect on his sleeping but his skin has stayed as soft as a baby’s bum.

Other than it not having the desired effect to have him sleep for 12 hours, it rubbed in well and dried quickly.  Both essential points to note when you are trying to dress a baby on the move, who doesn’t want a new nappy on , much less pyjamas, so anything which would allow him to slip and squirm out of your grip would have been a no go.  I’m please to report that the Baby Butter, while being gentle on his skin, also allowed me to keep a hold of him and fight him into bedtime clothes.

Palmers Baby Butter

The Big One on the other hand, hates all forms of cream.  It was not a soothing idea to try and do a form of pre-schooler massage to calm him down before bedtime….

Palmers Cocoa Butter Review: Bottom Butter Diaper Rash Cream

Nappy rash treatment

We’ve been fairly lucky that neither boy has suffered too badly with nappy rash, the odd bout occasionally generally when we are fighting those teething nappies that we all love so much.  And luckily for review time, we are fighting a battle against two bottom teeth that are refusing to move it would seem.  Poo galore.

Palmers Bottom Butter

The cream was not what I expected when I first squeezed it out of the tube, a thick, brown coloured, cocoa scented cream.  A far cry from all other nappy rash creams on the market.  And it works.  One squeeze at bedtime, one peachy bum in the morning.

But that’s not all the Bottom Butter has come in useful for.  Nope.  It turns out this bottom butter is not just for bums.

Chafing treatment

The husband used it after a long run, and some t-shirt chaffing issues occurred.

I used it, after a small run, when it was hot, it was sweaty, on what can only be described as chub rub after my error of wearing shorts to run in the heat of the sun.

The Big One used it on his face after he fell down the escalators and scraped all his face to pieces when we had nothing else to hand.

It’s cleared everything up.  I can confirm as well, after the aforementioned chub rub, it is immediately soothing on sore, chaffed skin.

Now if only there was a magic way to get him sleeping using Palmers, and with that, he’s just woken up so off I pop…..

Disclosure: I received the products in return for a review, all opinions are my own.

Baby Care with Palmers Cocoa Butter Review
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