Creating an Exploding Volcano #DirtIsGood

Having headed home this summer, away from the heat, the sand and the dust, we were thrilled to get outside in my mums garden.  To run in the green grass (or moss in my mums case) the fresh air and the infinitely more bearable temperatures compared to the 45 degrees it has ramped up to out here in the Middle East.

This summer has been the summer of dirt and exploration.  This summer has been all about recreating my English childhood, of running through mud and dirt, the rain and the sun.


Experimenting in the garden and making all forms of creations, just like when I was a little girl.  Getting involved in nature, in the world, in dirt, because #DirtIsGood.

This summer, Persil has partnered with The Wild Network to introduce the new ‘Persil Wild Explorers’ app, an absolutely free resource packed with over 100 exciting ideas to encourage kids and families to play, learn and get dirty outdoors – whatever the weather!  Well, maybe not the stifling weather of Doha where at the moment going outside at midday is making my eyeballs sweat, but these are things to store up for the winter when we can really get involved with playing outdoors, because at the moment we are fairly limited to indoor activities.  Coupled with the fact we are house hunting, settling in and running round in a car most of the day, screen time is up at an all time high.  Whilst I don’t mind iPads and screen time in moderation, it feels a little bit like we need to curb it.  The freedom to play, explore and get dirty isn’t just fun for them today – it’s essential for their future.  It’s more than playing it’s learning. Which is why the app is fantastic (available on iOS here and Android here) with over 100 activities to do.  Some of which we will be adapting for indoor play while it’s still too hot….

That said, before we moved to Doha, we managed to get involved with the exploding mud volcano.  Something which the chemist in me loved.  You knew I had a degree in chemistry right?!  It’s never too early to start a love of all things science, and this is a preschool chemistry experiment right up my street.  A simple chemical reaction to create an EXPLOSION!

Heading outside with our volcano, we set up in the middle of the garden before adding 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to the top.  Next step, pour the vinegar and watch what happens….

It is really that simple.

Exploding Volcano in Photos

exploding volcano exploding volcano exploding volcano exploding volcano exploding volcano

The Exploding Volcano in Action

Pin the Exploding Volcano for later…

Preschool Chemistry The Exploding Volcano



  1. September 2, 2016 / 9:25 pm

    Oh I’ve always liked the look of these! I did A level chemistry and still have a bit of a science geek in me trying to get out!

  2. September 2, 2016 / 10:18 pm

    You are a woman of many secrets – a chemist no less. Love a good volcano although this is probably the best type to let a preschooler near 🙂

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