Now you are four

To my biggest boy,

Now you are four.

It sounds so cliche but it really has gone by in the blink of an eye, it feels like only yesterday this ting, scrawny, mewling baby was handed over to us in the operating theatre.  But it wasn’t it was four years ago.

Now you are four.

I look back on the newborn days, the baby days, the toddler days fondly.  But they are a distant memory.  Back then it was difficult to imagine you as a four year old, now it’s just a hazy memory to liken you to your baby years.

Now you are four.

You are so grown up, so fiercely independent, so stubborn and set in your ways.  You have your own ideas and ways of doing things and woe betide anyone who tries to tell you differently.  Yet you are still my baby, the same sweet boy that crawls into my lap for cuddles, that twirls my hair around his fingers for comfort and shouts me back to the car seat as I shut the car door because you need to give me one last kiss, one more I love you.

Now you are four.

There are new challenges headed our way as we learn together.  School starts and academic learning, bike riding and playing.  There are the toys and games you are growing too old for, leaving them behind slowly piece by piece as your babyhood ebbs away.

Now you are four.

And four is very big.  But my biggest boy, although four is very big, the biggest thing about being four is that I’ve had four years to love you.  To get to know you.  To delight in you.  To despair of you.  Being four is just a number, because you’ll always be my baby, even when that four turns into forty.

Now you are four.

Happy birthday beautiful boy.

All my love,


x x x

A letter on your birthday now you are four


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  1. October 7, 2016 / 10:11 am

    Aw bless him and you’re right, four does seem very big all of a sudden doesn’t it? I hope he has a lovely birthday.

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