An indoor teddy bears picnic with the brand new innovative BRUG

Sometimes it rains in Qatar.  I know, I didn’t believe it either but it does!  And when it rains it pours which makes going outside more challenging, great for puddle jumping but not so good for parks and picnics.

Which is why, when it rained in Qatar this week, I turned to our standard UK ideas to entertain the boys.  After school one wet Wednesday we all put on our comfiest clothes and had an indoor teddy bear picnic on our brand new Brug.

With Every.  Single.  Bear. in the house.  From Winnie the Pooh to Dave the minion.

BRUG as a bag

That’s a lot of teddies.  Lucky for us I had our new Wunderlife Brug to help me cart them from all around.

But what on earth is a Brug?

Good question.  A Brug is a bag and a rug all in one.  Confused?  So was I, but hear me out.  Have you ever looked at everything you needed to take on that family picnic, managed to fit it all in a bag and then balance the picnic blanket under your other arm for everything to come toppling down?  Or, my personal favourite, picked up the bag with everything in and turned up at the park to realise that you have left the picnic blanket at home?  The Brug solves the problem.  The simple yet innovative design means that the bag will flatten out to a water resistant rug to keep your bum and your food dry.

Then at the end of it all you can just scoop it all up ready to leave.  Also perfect for when you need to make a speedy exit because tantrums are threatening to explode if you stay out any longer.

Wunderlife Brug

First thoughts were, wow that’s a large bag.  And it is.  It would need to be in order to make a decent sized picnic rug on closer reflection.  It’s the size of a decent holdall and that means that it can carry everything you require easily from food to teddy bears to those fold up camping chairs that are so awkward to get around but oh so comfortable when there is no other seating.

teddy bear picnic using the brugWunderlife Brug, Bag and rug in one, teddy bear picnic Wunderlife Brug, Bag and rug in one, teddy bear picnic Wunderlife Brug, Bag and rug in one, teddy bear picnic Wunderlife Brug, Bag and rug in one, teddy bear picnic Wunderlife Brug, Bag and rug in one, teddy bear picnic
Back to the teddy bear picnic, we set out the food and all the teddies had their spot.  And we ate and ate and ate, seriously if you need your kids to eat more give them a picnic (on a Brug naturally).  Then when it came to clean up I simply lifted all the teddies into the Brug and took them back around the house to their various homes.

It works.  It really, really works.

From taking the teddies home to storing our park toys in the car so we never forget them, the Brug is even coming with us in our very first camping trip next weekend (provided that the weather holds) as the water-resistant, and durable, material will mean that it will hold up to the sand.  And that when we get home I can simply open it out to a rug to get rid of all the sand that inevitable will collect in the bottom of every bag we take.  And I hate sand.  Ironic living in the desert.

The Brug in action

The one thing I will say is that there are no instructions that come with the Brug, but it is fairly intutive on how to set it up.  If you’re still wondering here is the official video from Wunderlife.

Kickstarter Campaign

Today the Brug second phase Kickstarter campaign kicks off and those who get in early are able to order at a 40% discount – £38 instead of £63.

What is Kickstarter?

In a nutshell Kickstarter is a little bit like Dragons Den for the public.  Intrigued?  When a new product requires funding their inventors pitch directly to you, cutting out the middle men, you pledge to pre-order the product and that money is then used to manufacture said product.  In this case Brug2.0.  Each campaign has a fund amount they need to hit, and if they don’t hit that then you get your money back.

Risk free and a chance to own a wonderful new product before any of your friends.  Win-win right?

* we received the Brug for the purpose of this review - all opinions are my own

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  1. March 2, 2017 / 10:38 pm

    We love our Brug too, had no idea how much I needed it until I had it and now I wouldn’t be without it!

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