Becoming a paparazzi mama this summer #HolidayMoments

Holidays.  They mean many things to many people.

From the long (long) school summer holidays to the exotic trips away.  Enchanting city breaks to wonderful staycations.

And for us, this summer, an expat migration away from the heat of Doha to the lush green of the UK.

Both of my children, though British, have spent more time out of the UK than in it.  They don’t know the little touches of home that I crave when in the desert.

Muddy puddles?

Muddy Puddles

A thing of wonder that Peppa and George get to jump in.

Lush green scenery?  Englands fair and pleasant lands?

Grass is surely just confined to the park with my pair!

It’s safe to say we’ve been indulging in the plethora of days out round Derbyshire and Bedfordshire as we travel round the country catching up with friends and family.

The historic Tramway Village where squeaks of detail came from riding the PRAM!  Which has been delightedly retold to anyone who he’s met.

Crich Tramway Village

Chilling at the Albert Dock, Liverpool where Mummy had a bout of nostalgia of where she met Daddy.


Fun at the farm, meeting the animals, playing nicely together!

Meeting family and friends.

And all the ice cream…

As you can probably guess after finally splurging on a new camera* I have been a little paparazzi-esq capturing moments.  Moments to remember and cherish.  Photos where I’m actually in the picture.

Photos that I can then utilize the photo printing with Truprint and put up around the house, you know to show that in fact we do have two children not just my eldest as the walls of our house would suggest.

What do you do with your #HolidayMoments?

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