Which of the Canary Islands should you visit?

In many ways, the Canary Islands are the ideal holiday destination for all kinds of people including families. The great year-round climate, wonderful hotels, stunning beaches, beautiful scenery and cultural wonders make each one of the seven islands a unique place for tourists. The only challenging question comes when you try to decide which one you would like to go to the most. Well, this guide is here to give a helping hand and an overview of the attractions of each island.


The biggest of the islands has a little bit of everything and is the most popular to visit. The south of Tenerife is where the majority of the tourist resorts have sprung up and some of them certainly have a very English feel. But the north of the island, which includes the capital of Santa Cruz, is much more authentic. Rising up in the centre is the huge volcano of Teide which is Spain’s highest peak and sits within a very popular national park.


The second largest island is Fuerteventura, but it is certainly a lot less developed than Tenerife. For people who simply want to lie on the beach and soak up the sun, there are plenty of opportunities to do this. Watersports are also popular, particularly in the northern town of Corralejo. For those who are looking for a little more adventure, there are also volcanoes to climb and little villages to explore.

Gran Canaria

In terms of scenery, Gran Canaria comes right at the top of the list of Canary Islands you should visit. Many hikers come here to experience the sheer diversity of sights including subtropical forests, jagged mountains and golden beaches. But it is also a great destination for sun-seekers so check out all inclusive hotels in Gran Canaria if you are planning a visit. The capital of Las Palmas is a lively and exciting place.


Well-known for its volcanic landscape, much of this island has big influences from Cesar Manrique who stamped his architectural style on Lanzarote. So, there is a great mix of the natural and the manmade to enjoy depending on what your preferences are. And this is also a great destination for foodies with some wonderful restaurants and wineries to enjoy.

La Palma

While every island can be described as beautiful in its own way, La Palma has been recognised by UNESCO for its blend of volcanic and rainforested landscape. One of the top activities to enjoy here is stargazing as there are low levels of air and light pollution so you can enjoy the illuminated night sky. Another option is to take a boat out and go out looking for the marine life including whales, dolphins and turtles.

After reading through this guide about five of the seven Canary Islands, hopefully you have a better idea about which one you would like to travel to on your next holiday. Each one has something unique and wonderful to offer so you know you can’t go too far wrong!


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