Losing my style and trying to find it again

I’ve been looking through my wardrobe rather despondently recently. Whilst there are lots of pretty party dresses it’s lacking in any kind of substance other than that.  It’s kind of like I’ve lost my identity, lost my style, lost my fashion sense since becoming a stay at home mum, lost in motherhood you could say.

Those party dresses are sat there serving as a reminder that inside the frumpy mum I feel like at the moment thee is a party animal waiting to break free.  The professional work outfits that hang there from a previous life remind me of a time where I went to the office each day.  The long maxi dresses, stretched out from wear and dubious stains?  They remind me of today.

Each morning I wake up and begin the school rush, the GO GO GO GO, running from room to room as I slam down bowls of cheerios on the table. Pulling on yesterdays crusty leggings and my new favourite staple of a baggy top. Generally from H&M as that’s where I seem to do all of my shopping these days.

Gone are days of underwired bras, replaced with sports tops or old nursing bras. Let’s ignore the fact that I stopped breastfeeding back in February.

Gone are the days of eyelashes curled and mascara ready. Fitted tops and heels – hell no.

It’s all just so comfy. And frayed.

And did I mention comfy?

Yet recently, with my wardrobe condemning me silently judging, I feel like it’s time to claim me back. To throw shapeless out the window and own it.

To find my new style that makes me feel glamorous yet also fits around my lifestyle.

It is time for a style overhaul

To start off by throwing out the nursing bras from my breastfeeding life, to be replaced with one of the many styles available, balcony bra, plunge bra, full cup, and that is just the bra type.

Bravado pink yoga seamless bra
It’s goodbye to the comfy, pretty, COMFY, nursing bras and hello to lace and underwiring

It’s time for me to work out what suits me for day to day wear, that fills me with joy rather than dread.

To look out the bargains on the internet, and remember that M&S is now fair game and actually quite trendy.  World’s apart from the frumpyness assumed in my youth (my mum shopped there, therefore it was no go).  That it’s more than just a wonderful place for PJs but that the clothes are good quality.  And I love this maxi skirt.  Then there is the joy when you discover there is a voucher code for Marks and Spencers.  Maybe, just maybe, I am turning into my mother….

I need to head into the stores here in Qatar and delve through the winter wear that is slowly appearing finding pieces that are suitable.

Pieces that are both modest and temperature appropriate.

To embrace the trends of maxi skirts, midi skirts and harem pants.

Adding colour to my wardrobe.

Remembering that this is now my working uniform, and whilst comfort is still good, so is style.

parenting is not easy

And that apparently I have a thing for stripes.

Wish me luck, and the credit card, as I try to find me once again.



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  1. November 7, 2017 / 4:51 pm

    A good bra is definitely a good beginning I find. I have very nearly worn through the knee of my comfiest jeans which ia definitely a sign I need to pay a bit more attention to the top layer too

  2. November 20, 2017 / 5:47 am

    How did I miss this post?!! I’m asking for a personal shopper session for Christmas wanna join me?

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