Why I’ve started a Gratitude Journal

Last week, on a bit of whim to be honest, I ordered a Gratitude Journal.

I was busy scrolling through Facebook, minding my own business, when it popped a post from Hannah over at Apples and Pips showcasing her latest offers and the Gratitude Journal* caught my eye.

gratitude journal

One quick message to Hannah later, an easy PayPal payment sent across and my brand new Gratitude Journal was on it’s way to me.  Winging its way to my Aramex Shop and Ship account ready to reach me here in Doha.  Yep, Hannah was able to post it to a set UK address at no extra cost to herself and it arrived out in Doha where I picked it up ready to start on my journey of gratitude.  I could go on and on and on about my love for Shop and Ship, the ability to order in the UK, for friends and family to get things out to me and know that it will arrive without having to go through my husbands PO box at work.  In fact all of my Christmas shopping was done on Amazon via Shop and Ship.  But I digress, this post is about gratitude (though I am thankful for S&S)…

So away I went to the Aramex office and picked it up (alongside all my other goodies).

As soon as I jumped into the car I eagerly tore it open and flicked through to see what the big deal was. And yes, it was pretty, it was functional, it was easy to follow.  It was pretty.

But was it me?

I wasn’t sure.  I mean, I get it. The power of positive thinking, filling your brain with good thoughts. Things that make you smile rather than increase the frown lines. The little pieces of each day that you are thankful for, because let’s face it, some days parenting is tough and those little silver linings are all you have.  But a structured way of doing it? The physical act of writing it down? Is this really me?

I mean, I failed spectacularly at creating a BuJo preferring to stick to a more tailored version of the BuJo using my Stigu planner something which I have kept up again this year as it made such a difference to my scheduling and tracking.

But would a Gratitude Journal make the same difference?

I wasn’t sure.

But still, I set out to try.  Diligently completing the thing I am most grateful for today line, explaining why.  Writing out a list of other things I am happy for.  The people who I want to thank.

gratitude journal

Taking the time to sit and reflect on the day that has gone by.  Remembering the way my youngest giggled uncontrollably as I kissed his tummy.  The sounds of my eldest blending the word as he read to me.  The cuddle from my husband as he walked in the door.  Reliving the little moments and the big ones that made me heart sing.

Then came the idea of getting in a positive mindset for the next day.  How I want to feel, what my affirmation for the day is.

gratitude journal

And it’s working.

I appreciate that right now it is early days but already I can feel my positive attitude rubbing off.

During the long days where the boys are playing up, the attitude of the five year old, the tantrums from the (nearly) threenager, I remember that my goal for the day was to calm.

The mornings where I am tired and in need of coffee, where my youngest is playing round my feet when I’m trying to work, I remember that I want to be engaged so we set up activities to do together.

On days where I am on my own and they’re at school I wake up in the mindset to be productive, creative and inspired.

A change in mindset

After feeling like I have half heartedly entered things for a while this little book is slowly changing my mindset, because by writing it down I am doing it.  And by reflecting on it I am seeing how it is working.

Yes, it isn’t perfect, I still blow my top with the kids.

And procrastinate reading mumsnet AIBU forums rather than getting down and writing as was my intention.

Already looking back I can see how much I have to be thankful for, and for that, I am thankful.



*the Gratitude Journal is available for £13.99 from Apples & Pips, I thoroughly recommend Hannah, her customer service and attention to detail is impeccable.  Delivery times are excellent.  I paid for and bought the Gratitude Journal myself.


Why I’ve started a Gratitude Journal

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