The World is Your Oyster: My Mum’s 60th Birthday Trip

As a family we love to travel, we’ve never made a secret of it.  So it will come as no surprise that for my mums 60th birthday this May what we’ve decided to do is whisk her away for the weekend.  A 60th birthday trip so to speak.

I say we, I mean me. Yep the boys are staying at home with my husband and I am headed away for a girly weekend with my Mum.

Living in Doha, the headquarters of travel superstar Qatar Airways, we are spoilt for choice with regards to where we can go.

But where?  The world is quite literally our oyster.

Should we spend the 60th Birthday Trip in Europe?

Should I meet her in Europe before continuing our journey onto Doha?

A 60th Birthday trip in Berlin maybe?

Fly to the beautiful city of Berlin, steeped in history.

Take a trip to the memorial of the Berlin Wall.  Stand in silence at the Holocaust Memorial.  Wander the streets, without children, ambling at a pace of choosing rather than examining every stone.  Tucking into schntizel, bratwurst and beer.

Stay in the beautiful Gorki Apartments Berlin MItte and not have to hide in the bathroom while the kids are asleep to enjoy a small drink before bed.

A 60th Birthday trip in Athens perhaps?

I have always wanted to explore Athens.  The Acropolis, the Pantheon, Erechtheion to name but a few.

Ancient history swept out in front of you.

Able to explore to our hearts content without any moaning that there were tired, carry me, this is boring.

And the food, that beautiful Greek food!  Breakfast by the pool at Somewhere Boutique Hotel Vouliagmeni, having dinner in the sky overlooking the Acropolis.  An ouzo or two before bed.

But then I got to thinking, Europe is a long way to go for a weekend.  And Mum wants to come and see her grandson turn three, so maybe we should head out further East.

Should we spend the 60th Birthday Trip in Asia?

A 60th Birthday trip in Bangkok perchance?

I have always wanted to go to Bangkok, only being able to pass through the airport on my way to Phuket during the blockade in 2010.

A chance to mingle on the streets, visit the hustle and bustle of the night market, see the Grand Palace, a chance to head down the floating markets, see the reclining Buddha and sample the delicacies of the street food.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Thai food.

photo courtesy of Wanderlust and Wet Wipes

And maybe even splash out on the Mandarin Oriental, I mean after all you only turn 60 once.

Nope it’s got to be Singapore for my Mum’s 60th Birthday Trip

My mum has always wanted to go to Singapore, mainly to have a Singapore Sling in Raffles.  So it had to be there.  Unfortunately Raffles Singapore is actually closed for refurbishment whilst we are there so we decided that we would go instead towards Robertson Quay, staying in Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, and indulging in Singapore Slings down by the river instead.

<em>when we went to Singapore on our honeymoon</em>

Days of walking around the Botanical Gardens, visiting Marina Bay, my Mum watching as I take on the Singapore Flyer, a visit down Orchard Road.

Yes.  For a 60th birthday trip to celebrate I think we’re onto a winner.



Where should we travel for my Mums 60th birthday


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