5 Reasons Mexico Should Be Top Of Your Travel List

The weather in London and the UK has been pretty terrific recently, but, as always, it’ll eventually give way to cloudy skies and rainy puddles. And when that time comes, we’re all going to be wondering about where the next adventure we take will be. With the abundance of cheap airlines and plentiful emerging tourist destinations, there’s no shortage of options. But we think Mexico might just be the best option. Why? Because this underrated destination has more than its fair share of exciting activities, events, and more. Take a read below, and you might just be checking out those flights sooner than you thought….

The Beach Life

Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting on a wide, perfect beach, with only a handful of other souls for company? It goes without saying that the beaches are amazing, and because they’re plentiful, you should have no trouble finding one that is relatively isolated. Of course, you don’t need to be alone if you don’t want to. Mexico is a great spot for a party, you know! If you want the buzz of nightlife and the beauty of the beach, head to Cancun (though maybe skip it during Spring Break).

The Festivals and Culture

You know how above we said that Mexico is a great spot for a party? It’s true, and that doesn’t just mean a ‘party’ in the traditional sense. They also love to have as much fun as possible when it comes to their festivals, which are always a bright and lively affair. Book a stay at JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City during March, and you’ll be able to experience the ‘Festival del Centro Histórico,’ which showcases the history of the city through dance, art, music, theatre, and much more. For a truly Mexican spectacle, make sure you don’t miss the famous ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations.

The Food

Do we have to remind anyone that the food in Mexico is spectacular? Well, we’re going to. This food, so beautifully simple, is a delight. Mexico City and other areas have some of the world’s best street food. Make sure you’re taking a big appetite with you, and you’ll be eating well for every meal of your trip. Is it worth making a trip just to taste the food? We may be in love with Mexican food more than the average Joe, but we say…yes.

It’s an Outdoor Lover’s Gem

If you love nothing more than strapping on a pair of comfortable shoes and exploring the outdoors, then Mexico is for you. There’s no shortage of exciting attractions to visit, including Mayan Ruins, off the beaten path beautiful spots, and much more. You can also explore what lives underwater; some of the world’s best diving is in Mexico.

It’s Full of Life

And finally, you should consider Mexico for another reason: it’s full of life, with a colourful, vibrant population always on hand to make sure that all aspects of life can be an adventure. Go and see it for yourself – you’ll understand!


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