49 Engaging Conversation Starters to use on Facebook

this post contains affiliate links
Facebook.  It’s an enigma. 
And this is every page and group owner’s worst nightmare….
You ask a question; Or post something.
And all you get is the lonely echo of an “empty room”.

The sound of silence.

But you know you have ‘fans’….  And you know you have members in your group….
What if you had a way to find that PERFECT conversation starter?
You know, the one that gets everyone TALKING.
The ‘ice-breaker’ to open up your audience.
Imagine how excited you would be, if after posting the perfect post, you log in to 10 responses.
Or 200!  Or more!!
And once your followers start talking – you become their go-to source for information.
THAT’s the power of an engaging conversation starter.
 Check out this list of 49 conversation starters that help you do exactly that.
And don’t worry….
These work for ANY niche.
ANY size page or group.
Try one today and see how your followers respond!
49 Engaging Conversation Starters to use on Facebook for Facebook Page Growth.
this post contains affiliate links

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