Back to School with Tesco #AD

this is a paid advertorial with Tesco

Two years ago my eldest child walked through the door of his school, embarking on his educational career.  This year my youngest joins him.  Sob.

And I can’t quite believe it.  Scratch that, the bit I can’t believe is that he is chomping at the bit to run through those gates after his big brother.

Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps

Yes, even though my youngest only turned three in April the school system that the boys are in starts at preschool within the main body of the school.  And that means even the littlest members of the school obeying the same rules and timings as reception.  And that means school uniform.

Yep, this September I will be waving both my boys off to school before settling down to a coffee and cake with bump.  And silently sobbing that my boys aren’t old enough for school I’m sure.

This September my boys will dress in their school uniforms and merrily wave me off at the school gate.

And thanks to Tesco’s school uniform 100 day guarantee I know they will be there looking bandbox fresh and smart, day after day.  Which is no mean feat in itself.

My two little schoolboys

Two little schoolboys, getting up to all sorts of mischief.

From scribbling with whiteboard markers to painting, running through their adventure playground, scrabbling on the floor for story time, playing with toys and making new friends.

They need to be comfortable, yet still fit within the confines of the school rules.  Durable, practical and stylish.

It’s a big ask.

Luckily when we went along to our local Tesco the boys found everything they wanted and more.  From new school shoes, that are scruff resistant, with a durable sole offering all day comfort and a micro fresh lining to ward away stinky feet at the end of the day.  To new school bags, minions are the in thing this year for my eldest, with PJ Masks for the little one.  To the trousers – WITH ADJUSTABLE WAIST (hallelujah) – slim legs and completely elasticated waist so pull up and pull down.  Amazing for my three year old who struggles a little with clips.

More than that, the boys look both super smart and totally adorable.

Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelpsTesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps Tesco School Uniform #everylittlehelps

With my big one teaching my youngest the school rhyme he was taught when he was in his class last year (they’re having the same teacher which is amazing!) to the little one determinedly trying to copy his brother in putting his shoes on (and succeeding!) I was amazed at how grown up they both seemed.

How ready for school they are.

And had a little sniff to myself whilst exclaiming how wonderful they looked in their Tesco school uniforms.

After all #everylittlehelps

You can view the Tesco School Uniform range here




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