How Do They Grow So Fast?

From the moment that you find out that you are having a baby until the moment they are receiving their diploma from High School, you blink and wonder where did it all go?  You hear from so many parents that you just wish time would slow down and you could cherish every moment with your child, but unfortunately, life is always moving at a rapid speed.

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With phones being used as cameras more than talking to an old friend these days, people seldom make the time to get their child professionally photographed.  There is certainly value in getting those “at the moment” action shots, but putting your baby in the hands of a professional photographer can create photos that will be cherished forever.

There are many professional companies available where you can get your newborn photography done, but take the time to do your research and find the right match for you and your baby.  There are many reasons, as described in why baby photography is so important that you should not miss an opportunity to capture precious moments of your baby before it is too late.

One reason is the fear of regret.  Realizing how quickly time is passing and you are missing out on precious time to capture, professionally, images of your baby can lead to a lot of regrets later in life.  It is time that you will never get back. It also serves as a great gift for the mother and father, as well as other family members that are part of the baby’s life.

Think about how you feel when you are able to pull out old pictures of your relatives.  It sparks a discussion and leads to heartwarming old stories. Having pictures professionally taken allows you to preserve moments that can be accessed many, many years to come.  The priceless variation of emotions that can be captured on film just cannot ever be duplicated in life.

Having photos professionally taken also gives you the chance to chronicle part of your year and journey.  It is always exciting to be able to look back on the year and see the many experiences that you encountered.  An example of what you can do with all your pictures while chronicling your year’s journey, can be seen at looking back on 2018.  This can be especially significant if you had a newborn during the year and this can be a part of their history during their first year on Earth.

Time is of the essence, so despite the high cost of having photos professionally done, the cost will repay itself over the years.  You will be capturing professional moments with your baby that will last for years and years. And, besides being something that you will love and be able to show off to everyone, it is something they will be able to have in their later years of life.  They will never remember those years and capturing their pictures will help you paint a picture for them of a time they never knew.


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