Reliving my wedding vows as I prepare to reunite with my husband

My husband arrives home at the end of this week and I couldn’t be more ready for him to land.

He lands on Thursday night and we make our way down to him first thing on Friday morning for a weekend with friends.

I can’t wait.

The boys can’t wait.

And it’s got me thinking about our wedding vows, made six years ago as he slipped the wedding ring on my finger. (For a full range of wedding bands check out F Hinds – mine is the 4mm platinum court ring!)

Wedding Bride and Groom

For better, for worse

In good times and bad. This is one of our hardest times of the year. Intentionally separating to beat the heat of Doha, trying to cope with time zones, parenting without my co-pilot and living in my mums house where there’s not as much space as my own and too much noise for my poor mum.

Yet every year we do it. We take part in the mass exodus and introduce our boys to British life. Catch up with friends and family. And think about moving back. Or not.

And it is hard to be apart. To catch snatched FaceTimes and life on texts.

But it’s the little things. The messages when I’m finding it tough. The flowers that get delivered “just because”.

And it makes it so much better when we are reunited. The memories that we make spending time as a family. As a couple.

Climbing mountains.

Family on top of Thorpe Cloud Derbyshire

Riding bikes.

Father bike riding with child in bike seat. Child on bike next to dad.

Our annual date night to our local curry house….

For richer, for poorer


So often the elephant in the room.

From day one we’ve shared our finances, counted out our last pennies before pay day and splurged on lifetime trips.

My husband, the banker, with his spreadsheets tracking what we have, what we don’t, what we need.

Getting together on the same page. Forming the same plan. Having the same goal of a family home in mind.

We will get there. Together. Richer or poorer. Curbing the Starbucks latte habit…..

In sickness and in health

Through the flu.

The high risk pregnancies.


Broken foot.

Torn ligaments.

Antenatal anxiety.

Coughs, colds, sniffles.

Through the highs of running and the joy of how healthy it makes you feel. To the lows of injury.

Surgery, healing, supporting.

To love and to cherish

Forever and always.

Until death do us part.

That’s why I’m so excited to see him in three more sleeps.

Not just as daddy to relieve the strain. But as my husband, my partner in crime, my best friend and the one who makes me laugh.

Couple in front of a christmas tree

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