Seven year old birthdays and the question of the party bag

In around seven weeks my eldest turns seven.


I absolutely cannot believe that the tiny baby that was pulled out of me with seconds to spare is turning seven.

Newborn Baby

Gap toothed smiles, the last year of key stage one about to start.

He writes, he reads, he does sums.

He runs, he climbs, he argues.

He has a great circle of friends, is sociable, chatty and friendly.

All in all he is a happy, healthy little boy.

And he is turning SEVEN.

It’s a big thing turning seven I’m told. His birthday party has been planned since he waved goodbye to his last friend at his last birthday party (a football one if you wondered).

This year he is going to be going to BOUNCE. Apparently.

I better get on and book it.

With grand designs to have an epic birthday cake from The Legend of Zelda. Though in reality he will probably have a KitKat M&M cake. Which still looks epic but is much easier for me to make!

birthday cake ninjago lloyd

Luckily by having it at BOUNCE means that I don’t need to worry so much about decoration or games as they’ll have a blast running around and food is provided.

However there is the question of party bags.

The bane of every mums party life

What do you put in them? How much do you spend? Do you send the kids home hyped up from jumping and full of birthday cake with more sugar???

Do you theme it? Do you just swerve it.

I mean. Just what do you do?

A few options I’ve looked at include, but are not limited to:

No party bags

I know as a parent I’d be delighted with this. As a seven year old hoping for a sugar high? Not so much.

Just sweets

Sending them home with extra sugar. And taking my own birthday hyped child home with the leftovers….. not so sure on that.

Books as party favours

I love this idea. But with such a range of reading ability, reading tastes, and the current awkward stage of being too old for the old faithful sticker books and wanting chapter books instead.

reading book

Maybe one to shelve until next year.

Searching for small, sustainable toys

I mean this is time consuming. But can be so worth it. Setting yourself a budget and finding identical toys that you can pair with a small chocolate that will keep a seven year old happy.

I could spend hours. And hours.

And debate with myself over each one.

Enter Kids Generator by Toys for a Pound. Where I can set my budget, theme and have ideas flash up without me searching and trawling through pages of shopping sites.

Kids Generator by Toys for a Pound
Kids Generator by Toys for a Pound

Simple as that.

Party bags. Done.

Now wish me luck for the rest…..


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