What to Wear When You Want to Fly Long Haul in Style

If you regularly travel around the globe, then flying long haul has probably long since lost its glamor, especially if you are doing it with kids! However, just because long flights can be boring, tiring and not especially comfortable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look and feel good as you travel, and arrive at your destination feeling stylish rather than frazzled!

Here are some things to consider when deciding on an outfit for a long haul flight:

Comfortable But Stylish Shoes

Comfort should always take priority over style when it comes to footwear for flying, but there isn’t really any need to sacrifice looking fashionable just because you want to feel comfy during long walks through airport terminals or while in your seat for hours. Go for a pair of designer sneakers, such as the ones in the latest collection from Gucci. These will give you shoes that are easy to walk around in and take on and off if you want to on the flight (remember that your feet may swell due to cabin pressure, making it harder to put less forgiving types of shoes back on). Gucci sneakers also make it easy to mask if you are wearing flight socks! You can get the latest Gucci sneakers as well as stylish sneakers by other high-end brands like Fendi and Givenchy at SSENSE, which is a good place to shop for luxury fashion all round.


When you are traveling between countries, chances are you will also experience changes in climate, and it can also get cold on a plane. To make sure that you feel comfortable during all of the stages of your journey, opt for an outfit with lightweight layers, rather than one heavy jacket and something cooler underneath. Adding a fashionable scarf to your look can also be a good idea, as you can easily stash this in your bag if you get warm but may be grateful for something snug to wrap around yourself during the flight.

Luxury Luggage

One of the easiest ways to ensure you look chic when you are traveling is to have a beautiful set of luggage. High-end luggage not only looks good, but will also last a lifetime, and can make your trip easier in some ways, too, by offering you the most efficient ways to pack. Make sure you have a cabin luggage-style case that has all of the things you need with you on the flight in it; remember that getting access to it during the flight may not always be easy. It can be a good idea to also have a purse with the things you’ll definitely want on the flight easily to hand like your tablet, a book, and things like your toothbrush if you are flying overnight.


It doesn’t need to be difficult to put together a travel outfit that will look great as well as feeling comfortable, and it can certainly make a flight go a lot more smoothly if you are wearing the right things and using convenient luggage!


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